10 Most Luxury Bags Ever

After we talk about kind of fashion that we met, now is time for us to explain kind of luxury bag brand. If you are the lover of international brand ever, you might be recognized as bag lover who love to collect fashion thing which make you being stylish.

Coach Bags

Coach Bags with salmon color


It is kind of bag which really expensive and attract women to have it soon. The glamour touch which supports the luxury on your performance is totally aware. The value around $3,2 billion. It is kind of leather bag from America.off black Coach Bags edition

Fendi Bag

Fendi bag has value around $ 3,6 billion and it is Italian luxury bag. Then you have to know that this bag was founded in 1925. Moreover, it was listed as luxury brand and beautiful design.colorful fendi bags idea


This brand founded in French Company which famous with Coco Chanel, and the company now owned by Alain and Gerard Wertheimer. In fact, this brand is quite famous and in high quality. Besides, it is listed in 5 de Chanel trademark.medium chanel bags edition

Prada Bags

Are you familiar with this brand? Yes, it is well-known worldwide and it is Italian fashion mode which famous and really stylist. Besides, there are various products with different design. In addition, it is the valuable luxury bag and this brand was listed in Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2013. For additional information, the brand value around $9,4 billion.prada bags so elegant

Gucci Bags

Next level is Gucci brand, absolutely you know that this brand is really expensive and famous too. It was founded in 1921 in Florence. Then today, the owner of this brand is Kering or known as PRR. The historical of this back has good experience in progress. Gucci was introduced as number 68 in the Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2013.gucci bags for teenage

Hermes Bag

Hermes is also the popular one, most people over the world know it and also know the original character of this bag. High quality from classy brand was really offered. And this brand was in the second position of most valuable luxury brand in the world. In addition, the brand value around $19, 2 billion and this is international brandhermes bag semi formal edition

Louis Vuitton Bags

This is the expensive one, since it was very popular in the previous. Then it was popular in celebrity. The value brand priced $28,4 billion. This brand is France brand and the surprised thing is this brand was listed on 10 ranks on Forbes list of The Most Valuable Luxury Brands 2013. Louis Vuitton is no dough the best bag, but there are also many copies available in market, read first Guide to purchase Louis Vuitton bag.the latest louis vuitton bags

Marc Jacob Caroline Bag

Well, this brand presents the luxurious touch from crocodile leather. You can get the flawless outfit in fashion style. Then, if you are the purple lover, this bag is the right choice for you. Separators and extra pockets also provide smooth organization and systematic segregation of contents.Marc Jacob Caroline Bag for teenage

Gadino Bag

Gadino is United State bag brand. It offers minimalist performance for you. Besides, combination white leather is really perfect for your appearance, and you have to know that this bag was designed by Hilde PalladinoGadino Bag with best material

Leiber Precious Rose Bag

Well, the last one is Leiber Precious Rose bag. It is really beautiful bag which enriched by feminine, glamour and stylish design. Then I do believe that you are not wrong to choose this one since it is the perfect one although you will spend much money to have it.

Leiber Precious Rose Bagchanel bags with grid center

the latest fendi bags edition


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