Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hand

Mehndi has its story why it is very famous and popular wore by girl over world. Especially for special event, it also reflect Arabic countries.

Beautiful hand for ladies is special event for example marriage, engagement event, or party. Actually, Mehndi for Arabic is “must” thing that they do. It had already became ritual for them.awesome Mehndi designs idea

Beautiful bride always wait this moment, you will spend much money to get the nice Mehndi when the day come, although you have to be patient when your hand was drawing an interesting design. Besides, you have to wait it for much time to make it dry.

Actually, Mehndi is popular India, Pakistan and Arabic countries. All of citizens there always used it when the girl will get married. Generally, it used Henna; coloring your hand with this. But, you have drown it carefully and better for you to hire person who professional and capable in it.

Simple Mehndi

stylish Mehndi designs for teenage

Fortunately this type is really simple, but pretty enough on your hand. But, this type is not suitable for bride or party. Though it is simple, this is the popular design since it was designed for everyday theme.

Bridal Mehndi

Bridal are kind of luxurious thing and the party will be very important to do as long as many people will come and see what did you do for the beautiful day. The design of it was really beautiful and makes it interesting and perfect. Perfect style from this is model is Arabic style and family oriented. It means not for enjoy or relax time.

most beautiful Mehndi designs

Besides, it is really contrast with the simple one. That design will be popular in women and making your hand beautiful without pain. Then, I believe that you never regret with result.

Beautiful Mehndi

Beautiful always represent good mood and make the day always precious. The beauty of models often attract customer to draw their hand in professional Mehndi painter. So, you have to know the person who could make it with beautiful design.

indian Mehndi designs with stylish concept

In contrast, It is very different from tattoo, no paint, no chemical and it’s not permanently. So, you are no need to worry about the pain since drawing Mehndi totally not influence too much (has no side effect).

beautiful Mehndi designs for handImage via Baju India

flower Mehndi designs idea

Mehndi designs in dark brown color

Mehndi designs with best detail

minimalist Mehndi designs for hand

teenage Mehndi designs

the latest Mehndi designs for teenage

the latest Mehndi designs for women


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