Bare Minerals Matte Foundation Review

Bare Minerals, or Bare Escentuals for others, is a brand widely known for their mineral based makeup products. They may not be as popular as say, MAC or Maybelline, but if you are one that keeps their skin the number 1 priority, they are definitely the brand for you.

Basically, since Bare Minerals’ products are mineral based, they offer care for your skin that non-mineral based don’t. If you are acne prone and you went to a dermatologist for a consultation, 99% of the time, they will say that you should try switching to mineral based skin products.

The most popular and well-loved product of Bare Minerals is probably their mineral based, loose powder foundations. The “original” formula of this foundatiobare minerals matte foundation reviewn is definitely raved about in the beauty community, but they later came out with a matte version that the combination/oily skin type peeps have been waiting for.

The Bare Minerals Matte Foundation Broad Spectrum claims to give you flawless and buildable coverage with a naturally matte finish. This foundation also has SPF 15, which is a nice added touch for skin protection. It also claims to “promote clearer, healthier looking skin without over drying, leaving you with a lasting finish that lasts up to 8 hours”. Now, if you have oily skin, chances are, you also have acne prone skin, which means that it’s definitely recommended that you switch to mineral based makeup. The Bare Minerals Matte Foundation is sounding really good right now. Is it the answer to our makeup prayers? Let’s find out.

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The Packaging

The packaging of the Bare Minerals Matte Foundation is what is to be expected from a loose powder product. The powder is inside the jar type packaging with a screw-on lid that has the name of the brand. Basically the same as the “original” Bare Minerals Foundation packaging just with “matte” written on the lid to make identifying it a bit easier.

The thing about loose powders is that whatever you do, they can get quite messy. Bare Minerals have made an effort to tame that mess by putting a seal that you can twist close and open on the inside of the actual jar. Basically, to get the powder out of the little holes, you have to twist the seal so that they align with the “open” section and then to close, just twist it to the “close” section where there are little bumps specifically designed to fill in the holes so that no product escapes.

This is a clever feature to put in a packaging of a loose powder, so kudos to Bare Minerals for making life a bit easier and a bit less messy. But of course, this feature doesn’t eliminate all the mess completely. Powder is still going to get practically everywhere once you start trying to get the product out and you can never really get just the right amount. So, although that clever added touch to the packaging is quite convenient, you still need to be very careful when getting out the product so you don’t waste too much.

The Application

For the application, it is recommended that you use, of course, a brush, preferably a big fluffy one. Carefully tap a small amount of powder out onto the lid. The less, the better. You can always add more if you want more coverage, but you can’t really put the powder back in the jar. Swirl your brush around the lid to pick up the product and then lightly buff it all over your face in circular motions.

bare minerals matte applicationNow, the actual application of the product on the skin is quite pleasant. It’s probably the nicest application of foundation on the face because you are just basically swirling some loose powder on your face. It’s super easy and quicker than applying liquid foundation which is great for someone on the go.

The magic happens when it the loose powder mixes with the warmth of your skin. From a loose powder, it kind of melts into a creamy, smooth finish onto the skin. It feels velvety and soft and practically glides onto the skin.

For this foundation, you can definitely sheer it out or build it up. Use a little amount to get that sheer, natural-looking coverage or gradually layer this foundation until you get that medium to full coverage that you want.

The application process is a breeze and definitely way easier than applying other liquid or cream foundations, however, it does take a little bit of getting used to when getting that coverage that you want or how much product you should use. It depends on the person, really, so just carefully tap out the product and layer it on little by little until you get the finish that you prefer and until you get used to the amount of powder you actually have to use.

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The Finish

The main feature of this foundation is that it is described as “matte”, however, it doesn’t really have a completely matte finish at all. When looking at the fine bare minerals matte foundation finishprint, it is actually stated that this foundation will still give you a natural, luminous glow, but unlike the original formula, it’s a bit toned down and the “matte” formula actually absorbs the oil your face produces throughout the day.

For the sheer coverage finish, it’s actually quite gorgeous on the skin. If you don’t really want or need to cover much discoloration or blemishes, you should definitely go for the sheer finish. It definitely feels weightless just like it claims to be and it just looks very skin-like and natural but with the added benefit of evening out your skin tone a bit and giving you a healthy glow.

For the medium to full coverage, you can definitely build this product up to achieve that. However, since it is a matte-ish finish and a powder foundation, it won’t have the same natural finish as opposed to the sheer coverage way. If you build up this foundation, it’ll cover blemishes or any discoloration well, but it’s still recommended that you use concealer under or over it to cover them completely, just like any other foundation. It goes a bit opaque and it’s not really natural-looking or skin-like when built up to full coverage. But of course, if you’re like most women and don’t really mind looking like you have makeup on, this won’t be a problem.

For both the sheer and medium to full coverage, thankfully, there is no caking, patchiness, or chalkiness on the face. Usually, the problem with powder foundations is that they look flaky in some areas, they emphasize pores, product bunches up in some areas, and of course, the well-known but much hated chalky texture that makes your skin look a bit dead. Those problems don’t exist with this foundation which is practically a miracle since it is a loose powder foundation. But it does melt on your face once it mixes with the warmth of your skin and provides a smooth, luminous, not-at- all chalky finish. If you want to mattify it a little bit more, try and dust a light layer of translucent setting powder over the top of it.

Lasting Power

The Bare Minerals Matte Foundation promises to last up to eight hours. With foundation, it’s great to have something that lasts ages, but it’s usually really bad for your skin to leave it on for too long. With the Bare Minerals foundations, however, it’s perfectly fine to have them on all day long. In fact, one of their main selling points is that “it’s makeup so pure you can sleep in it”.

Now, does it actually last eight hours? It definitely does. A setting powder definitely helps, but if you have super oily skin, you can’t live without your mattifying powder anyway. It lasts pretty well throughout the day and since it does have a feature where it actually absorbs the oil that your face produces, it doesn’t melt off or mix with the oil at the end of the day which definitely gets an A+.

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The Verdict

If you have oily and acne prone skin, then chances are, you’ve gone or you still go to a dermatologist. In my own personal experience, every single one I’ve went to has recommended that I switch to mineral based makeup because it will help with preventing breakouts and of course, the all-natural ingredients don’t hurt as well.

You may be a bit skeptical of loose powder or mineral based foundations because often times, they’re not really as good as your holy grail liquid foundation. However, the Bare Minerals Matte Foundation might just be the reason you will want to convert.

This foundation applies like a dream, has good coverage, and a beautiful finish. Of course, foundation is only one part of the makeup routine, if you want to go the whole way, a mineral based concealer and setting powder will come a long way to make this foundation even better. But the fact that it is so good on its own in terms of the actual look, feel, and lasting power of it, it gives liquid foundations a run for its money. And of course, the main advantage of this product is that it is all-natural. It won’t put any weird chemicals on your face and it is actually makeup that is so pure that you can sleep in it.


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