Best 6 Mascaras for Long and Dramatic Lashes

For many, mascara is the one makeup item that they cannot live without. There’s just something about mascara that gives the face that extra oomph that’ll complete your whole look without even doing too much. If you don’t really have the time to put on a full face of makeup, mascara is usually the go-to product.

We can’t all be blessed with already thick and long eyelashes. Thankfully, the makeup gods have heard our struggle. They have created mascaras that will give you some long and thick lashes without having to put on any false ones. So, if you love yourself some dramatic lashes, here are some of the best mascaras that will give you that oomph that you’ve been wanting:

Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express Mascara

When it comes to mascaras, Maybelline has always been on point. Despite being a drugstore brand, the formulations of their mascaras have been holding their own against the more expensive high-end ones. One of the beauty community’s most favorite is the classic Maybelline the Falsies Mascara. The Falsies has been around for ages and it’s still considered to be the “holy grail” or go-to mascara for a lot of people.

The effect of this mascara is just like what it says in the name. It lengthens and thickens your eyelashes significantly, giving the effect of having false eyelashes or “falsies” on. Despite its volumizing and lengthening features, it doesn’t give off a clumpy or “spidery” finish on your lashes. They still look like your lashes but just way longer and thicker!

This mascara has a washable and waterproof formula. If you are one of those people that mascara smudges and bleeds on easily, you might want to go for the waterproof as it doesn’t budge at all. But if you want something that’s easier to remove at the end of the day, go with the regular formula.

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Maybelline the Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara

Another Maybelline classic that you may have heard about is the Maybelline Colossal Mascara. It’s been around for ages and is still a favorite amongst the beauty community and makeup artists. The yellow tube of this mascara is still something that you’ll often see in a lot of makeup bags and collections.

The effect that Maybelline’s Colossal Mascara gives is super volumizing and thickening. It’s a bit less lengthening than the Falsies, but for those who like more volumized lashes rather than long ones, this is the perfect mascara for you. Be careful of packing in too much, though! Because of its super volumizing features, you might end up a little clumpy if you put on too many coats.

This mascara has both a washable and waterproof formula. If mascara pretty much stays on all day with you, go for the regular formula for easier removal at the end of the day. If mascara bleeds pretty easily during the day, go for the waterproof.

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Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

The Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara has not been around as long as the Colossal or the Falsies, but it is quickly gaining the love of many. Beauty gurus and enthusiasts have been giving this new offering from Maybelline some rave reviews and is becoming the favorite or “holy grail” mascara for many

Lovers of non-clumpy or spidery lashes will adore this mascara. A lot of people have been raving about the design of its wand which separates the lashes beautifully, prevents them from clumping together, and makes it easy to get even those lashes at the corners of your eyes. The formulation of the mascara gives off a natural effect with super long lashes. It’s a bit like the Falsies but with less volume but much more length. If you like a natural look but with super long lashes, the Lash Sensational will quickly become your holy grail mascara as well.

The Lash Sensational also has 2 formulations: washable and waterproof. For easy to remove, go with washable, but for all-day and all-weather staying power, go for waterproof.

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Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

The name says it all. Ever since Too Faced released their Better Than Sex mascara, it immediately had the attention of all the beauty gurus. This mascara is raved about all over the beauty community and it has quickly become the holy grail mascara of a lot of people.

This mascara has everything you could ask for: it lengthens, it volumizes, and it curls your lashes. The product description says that it provides 1,944% more volume! That may look like a typo, but it’s true. And if you try out this mascara you may very well agree with this statistic. It gives a super dramatic lash look that makes you look like you’re wearing falsies!

The Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara has a regular formula and a waterproof one. Because this mascara is quite lengthening and volumizing already, be careful of putting on too many coats as it may cause it to clump or flake throughout the day. For something gentler on your lashes, go for the regular formula, but if you want it to really stay put, opt for waterproof.

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Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

The Benefit Roller Lash Mascara is another newcomer in the mascara world but it is definitely already well-loved by the beauty community. It has a lot to live up to because of the success of Benefit’s They’re Real mascara, but it might even be a little bit better.

One of the things best loved about this mascara is the wand. Often times, you get a little bit too much product on the wand causing clumps or spider lashes. The Roller Lash has a built in wand wiper to ensure that you get just the right amount of product without waste. The wand also acts like a retro hair roller (hence the name) that curls your lashes without using a lash curler. The formula of the mascara also gives great volume, length, and curl without any clumpiness.

The Benefit Roller Lash Mascara only has its regular formula which means that you can’t opt for a waterproof version for now. If you want a great everyday mascara, this is your guy. However, if you’re looking for something that will stay on through tears, sweat, or wet weather, you might want to wait for a waterproof version in the meanwhile.

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Avon Superextend Mascara

The Avon Superextend Mascara might be the least known of the bunch, but once you’ve discovered it, you may wonder why this mascara isn’t getting more hype! It might be because Avon is a brand that’s a bit harder to get hold of (Avon direct-selling mainly). Let’s all be thankful that the internet now exists and it’s a little bit easier to get a hold of this mascara and it’s totally worth the effort.

This mascara gives you super long lashes but still a natural look. It’s a lengthening mascara and not really a volumizing one, but boy does it give you length. Your lashes also still look like your lashes without any clumpiness whatsoever. The wand is also quite a selling point as it picks up just the right amount of product without excess.

This mascara has only a waterproof version, so you can’t really opt for a washable formula. However, its waterproof-ness isn’t as severe as say, the Maybelline mascaras. This means that it’s easily removable at the end of the day, but it might not be as enduring as other waterproof mascaras.

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Add Some Drama

Beautiful long lashes are definitely a staple in any makeup look. There’s just something about mascara that “completes” the face. It can even be a nice pick-me-up when you’re feeling a bit poorly. Giving yourself some defined lashes can boost your confidence inside and out. If you love some dramatic lashes, try out some of these tried and tested mascaras that are sure to give you that drama that you need.

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