Best Cheap Makeup Brands – Build Your Collection Without Breaking the Bank

Makeup lovers all around the world will know just how fun and addicting it can be. Your face is a work of art every day! Playing around with the different colors and products to define, highlight, and bring out your best features is a lot of fun. Makeup can also give you such a confident boost if you’re feeling a little low. It’s fun to collect and it’s fun to use. It’s no wonder so many people grow to love it so much.

Makeup lovers, however, will also know just how expensive this hobby is. It takes years and years to build up a collection like those makeup gurus you see on YouTube and lots and lots of saving up money. If you really want to create lots of gorgeous makeup looks and get creative, you’ll need to invest in a lot of different products. Being a makeup enthusiast is one thing, but you’ll definitely be needing to invest in your makeup collection – especially if you want to make a career out of it.

So, what is the solution to this? How can you diversify your makeup collection without putting a dent in your savings? Well, luckily for all you makeup lovers, there are lots of cheap makeup brands that still give you amazing quality makeup products. To help you out, here is a list of the best affordable brands of makeup and the best products that you can get from them.

Maybelline New York

Maybelline is probably the most popular drugstore makeup brand in the entire world and that’s not even exaggerating. Even your dear old dad has probably heard of this brand and its iconic catch phrase, “Maybe it’s Maybelline”. Well, it’s no wonder that it is so well known. Maybelline produces some of the best drugstore makeup products that won’t break the bank at all! With cheaper cosmetics, it’s important that you choose something that’s affordable but still gives you that quality you deserve and Maybelline is a brand that absolutely does that.

Maybelline has a lot of products that the beauty community have absolutely loved. They are probably best known for their iconic mascaras, eyeliners, eye shadows, and other eye makeup products. There is really nothing like the staying power, consistency, pigmentation, and finish of a Maybelline eye product. However, they’re also known for producing great foundations, concealers, blushers, bronzers, brow products, and lip products. Basically, Maybelline is an overall amazing brand to get all types of makeup from which is awesome because their products are so affordably priced!


Revlon is another very famous brand that even someone clueless about makeup will have heard of. It has been around for ages and has done so well that it is still standing strong today. This is because Revlon produces high quality cosmetics for such an affordable price. Some would rate their products at the same par (or even better!) as the higher-end, more expensive brands.

Revlon absolutely hits the nail on the head with their best sellers of skin products and lip products. Their foundations, concealers, and powders have long been raved about by makeup artists and beauty gurus. The staying power, finish, and overall quality of their skin products have been compared to high-end brands and even considered to be better than some. They’re also pretty well-known for their amazing lipsticks that are creamy, super pigmented, and long lasting. Despite lip and skin makeup products being their biggest sellers, Revlon also make great eye shadow palettes, eye products, blushers, and bronzers.  Revlon is just all around a high-quality but affordable brand that you can find multiple amazing makeup products from.

Collection Cosmetics

Collection, unlike the previous brands mentioned in this list, is a bit of an underrated brand. This brand is mostly well known in the UK where it was first developed and sold. However, Collection has already made a huge splash in the beauty community and tons of people from all around the world have been requesting for this brand to be available in their country because of the awesome makeup they make for such an amazing price.

Collection has mostly gained so much attention because of their iconic Lasting Perfection concealer. It’s basically been compared to high-end concealers because of its lasting power, finish, and pigmentation. However, Collection also make gorgeously pigmented eye shadows, great lipsticks, bronzers, blushers, and powders. This up and coming makeup brand from the UK will surely be a famous name in the beauty community all around the world pretty soon.

Colourpop Cosmetics

Colourpop is another newcomer in the makeup scene but it’s also one of the most talked about and trending brands this past year. This brand has quickly made a name and a huge splash in the beauty community and industry. Colourpop are only at the beginning of their makeup journey, but most of their products are already getting rave reviews and being talked about by makeup enthusiasts endlessly. This is because despite being of the highest quality, their products are still super affordable!

If you have been on social media at all during this past year then you will have heard of the massive hype surrounding Colourpop’s infamous liquid lipsticks. These liquid lipsticks are constantly compared to high-end products and the verdict is that they are actually even better than a lot of them! Basically, everyone is loving the finishes whether it be ultra matte, ultra satin, ultra glossy, or their lippie stix, they’re amazingly pigmented, and they also last ages. Colourpop may have gotten their hype mostly from their lip products, but people are now discovering that they also produce gorgeous highlighters, eye shadows, blushers, and bronzers. They’re still filling out their individual makeup lines and they have yet to produce skin makeup like foundation or concealer, but from the products they’ve released so far, it certainly seems like they’re on the right track. This brand is definitely perfect for those that want high-end quality for a fraction of the price.

NYX Cosmetics

NYX Cosmetics is another well-known brand that lots and lots of people absolutely adore. Your friends, beauty gurus, bloggers, and other makeup enthusiasts will definitely have one or several products from NYX occupying their makeup bag. This is truly a brand that has been tried and tested and proved to give you quality products for a very reasonable price.

NYX have definitely gained traction when they started the whole liquid lipstick craze. They’ve long been producing quality makeup, but when people started really loving their lip cream line, practically every makeup brand jumped on the bandwagon. They have since produced several other liquid lipstick lines that makeup enthusiasts have been loving. They may be slightly more famous because of their lipsticks, but NYX have always been known to have the best quality makeup products in general. They’re a bit of an all-around brand. You name it, they have it. People have been really loving all their products from eye shadow palettes, setting sprays, blushers, bronzers, primers, foundations, and brow products, in particular. If you’re looking for a brand that basically has it all, has good quality products, and is easy on your bank account, NYX is the one for you.

Beauty and Brains

Not everyone really has hundreds of dollars to shell out on makeup alone. The good news is, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on makeup if you don’t want to! And you don’t have to give up your fun hobby either. All you need to do is be smart about your purchases.

Of course, there are tons of cheap makeup out there, but you don’t really want just any kind of cheap cosmetics. They still have to be of great quality and very much something that you can still use and totally love. To help you out, here is a list of the best affordable makeup brands in the market right now that produce high quality products that won’t break the bank, but still give you that amazing, on fleek makeup look!

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