The Best Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea is one of those things that can be considered a miracle ingredient. It has so many benefits that all the health bloggers, food bloggers, beauty gurus, and even professionals like doctors absolutely rave about.

Green tea is not only used and consumed as a habitual, tasty drink (that makes you feel posh and healthy), it is also widely used as an ingredient in a lot of health supplements, beauty products, skincare, and other personal care products.

Green tea is arguably one of the best natural ways to lose weight. Crash diets, diet pills, and other methods include some risky side effects that do shady things to your body. Why sacrifice your health when you have got a natural and healthy way to lose weight?

Green tea has so many healthy components that will nourish your body and help you lose weight along the way. So, how does green tea help you shed those extra pounds? And what is the best green tea for weight loss? Here is the tea on green tea.

Green Tea Benefits

Some people consider green tea to be the healthiest drink in the world. Now, that is quite a big claim, but green tea backs it up with significant benefits that will definitely convince you that it is one of the healthiest drinks you can work into your routine.

Green tea is an old-school home remedy that even our ancestors’ ancestors used to treat illnesses and to maintain and improve one’s health.

But how exactly does this one beverage affect your body and how does it help you lose weight? What are the other benefits it can have?

It Is Loaded with Antioxidants

Over time, your body collects toxins and other nasty stuff just from living life in general. The foods that you eat (especially if you love some fast food, oops), the particles that get in your skin, and even the air that you breathe can accumulate some nasty toxins in your body.

Don’t fear, though, because this is totally normal and your body does have a natural detoxification process.

Green tea has some powerful antioxidants and detoxifying properties that help speed up and make the process more effective by maintaining and even improving your liver health. These antioxidants help flush out all the bad stuff you’ve consumed that might linger otherwise and turn into a fat build up or cause other skin and health problems.

These antioxidants will help you lose weight faster and prevent you from gaining, as well as lower your risk of having other health issues like heart problems, diabetes and even cancer.


It Boosts Your Metabolism

Now, how does one exactly burn fat without having to exercise and actually burn it off? One way is to boost your metabolism.

Your metabolism processes the food and fat that you’ve ingested, breaks it down, and turns it into energy. If you find it difficult to lose weight even with dieting and exercising, then your metabolism might be the one to blame.

Some people are just blessed with a really fast metabolism and some need a little help. As you get older, it is also typical that your metabolism starts to slow down.

This is where green tea comes in. A lot of fat burning products contain green tea in them because studies show that green tea is effective in boosting the metabolism, making it easier to digest food and burn fat. This will, in turn, prevent heart problems caused by fat or cholesterol buildup and lower the risk of obesity.

The weight loss is definitely a great perk and if you’re having trouble with your metabolism in general, green tea is a great way to keep everything in your tummy healthy and moving.

It Can Improve Your Overall Health

Green tea is great if you’ve got any tummy troubles, weight loss troubles, or any other health issues but it is also just as great even for perfectly healthy people who just want to maintain a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Green tea contains what is called “bioactive compounds” that contain large amounts of important nutrients and polyphenols such as vitamin C, vitamin b2, folic acid, b-carotene, vitamin E, flavonoids, catchetins, and much more.

These properties can decrease blood cholesterol, prevent cancer, have an antibacterial effect, reduce body fat, lower blood pressure, act as antioxidants, give you healthier skin, improve your eyesight, prevent Alzheimer’s, and strengthen your immune system against flu, colds, and fever.

Green Tea the Fat Burner?

A lot of articles and word of mouth have claimed a lot of miracles that come from drinking or consuming green tea, but is the hype really true? While sometimes things can get a bit exaggerated, green tea definitely has been proven to have some incredible and almost miraculous benefits.

Studies have been done and it has been concluded that green tea is a “superfood”, which basically means that it is super duper good for your body. The many different components that it has have a diverse range of effects all does amazing things to your body simultaneously.

Amongst these components are powerful antioxidants and metabolism boosters that help your body burn fat faster.

So, the simple answer to the question “does green tea work for weight loss?” is a resounding yes! Coupled with a healthy diet and a proper exercise routine, your favorite green tea product will definitely produce some satisfying results.

The Green Tea Products for Weight Loss

Zenwise Labs Advanced Green Tea Extract + Vitamin C

These green tea extract capsules from Zenwise Labs is an ideal option for those that aren’t really that in to drinking tea but still want all the good benefits that it has to offer. These capsules are specifically formulated to aid in your weight loss.It contains 725 milligrams of green tea extract (decaffeinated) and 60 milligrams of vitamin C that work with the polyphenols to fight off free radicals.

This higher concentration of green tea will provide a nice metabolic boost without the shaky feelings of caffeine, so it’s particularly great for those who are trying to cut back on the caffeine or for those who don’t like the feeling of it.

They don’t contain any artificial or “scammy” ingredients that may do your body more harm than good. This is a 100% vegan and cruelty free product with all natural ingredients that will help you lose weight, feel better and healthier, and even look younger.

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Applied Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner with EGCG

These Applied Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner liquid soft gel capsules are another great option for those non tea drinkers out there. This product contains high amounts of ECGC – the most powerful antioxidant found in tea leaves – and concentrated levels of green tea extract.

These components are contained in fast acting soft gel capsules that will start to work almost immediately after you consume it. These supplements contain a small amount of caffeine which will give you an instant energy and mental boost, a great option for those that prefer a little caffeine in their day to day life.

Caffeine, along with physical exercise, can also cause your fat to be burned more effectively as energy. This will aid you in your weight loss and increase your stamina. The green tea extract and the ECGC will also help things move along by improving your metabolic health to flush out fat and toxins.

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Yogi Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life

Looking for a cup of green tea that will also tickle your taste buds delightfully? Try out the Yogi Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life. This is definitely for those tea drinkers out there that like to spend some quality time relaxing and warming up with a cuppa in their hand. But also, for those that want to try out the tea drinking lifestyle with a tasty choice.

This contains powerful metabolic and stamina boosting ingredients such as green tea, garcinia cambogia fruit extract, and eleuthero root extracts that aid your digestion system and weight loss.

The natural sweet blueberry flavor, licorice flavor, and organic hibiscus add a nice light and fruity taste that will appeal to even those non tea drinkers that don’t like the bitterness of most teas.

This product also contains caffeine for those who prefer an energy boost throughout the day and can also aid with your weight loss with the proper amount of exercise.

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BaeTea 14 Day Teatox

It seems like “teatoxes” or detox teas are all over the place right now, but the question is, are they really effective and good for you? Well, I can’t say the same for some other brands, but I have found this option from BaeTea that does not have any shady ingredients that other detox teas may have.

The major ingredient for most detox teas is senna leaves or senna pods. Senna is a plant based natural ingredient, however, it has a slightly irritating effect on your digestive system to initiate bowel movement. This isn’t bad per se, but it can be harmful to your tummy if you ingest senna too often.

BaeTea contains rooibos leaf, green tea leaf, oolong wu yi leaf, ginger root, pomegranate, guarana seed, matcha green tea, garcinia cambogia extract, lemon juice, natural flavors, sea salt, citric acid, and stevia powder.

All of these ingredients are 100% natural, gentle on the tummy, and beneficial to your health. Benefits include: antioxidants and detoxifying properties, a metabolism and energy boost, bloating reduction, a natural appetite suppressant, and weight loss.

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Matcha Organics 100% Pure Organic Matcha

If you have not been living under a rock, then you will know that the matcha craze has been sweeping the world. Practically everyone loves a good matcha flavored anything. I personally love myself a good old matcha frappucino.

This organic matcha powder from Matcha Organics is going to be the stuff from your dreams if you are a matcha enthusiast. Truth be told, those other sugary matcha based treats are not going to be good if you want to lose weight, but pure, concentrated matcha powder is actually much more potent and effective when it comes to weight loss benefits.

Matcha has 137x more antioxidants than regular brewed green tea. One bowl of this stuff can boost calorie burn by 4x and drinking it before a work out can increase fat burn by 25%.

Organic matcha powder contains an amino acid called L-theanine which helps boost your energy in a natural way and of course, ECGC in a more concentrated level that effectively boosts your metabolism for faster weight loss.

This product also comes with an ebook that has tons of yummy matcha based recipes that you can try out, but if you want to lose that weight, it is probably best to avoid those with too much sugar and just drink this bad boy with some good old water.

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Our Top Rated Green Tea for Weightloss

Matcha Organics 100% Pure Organic Matcha! Now, you may be wondering why this is. Honestly, it was a close call between these few, but the matcha is just basically a more concentrated version of brewed green tea.

Brewed green tea is actually dried out before you can steep it in hot water and drink it, which makes its health properties a tiny bit more diluted. Whereas matcha powder is made right after the tea leaves are freshly harvested, which means you are consuming the potent health properties of the green tea leaf.

This isn’t necessarily bad, in fact, normal green tea is still super good for you. However, the concentrated levels of antioxidants, metabolism boosters, and nutrients of pure matcha powder outmatch those of the normal, dried out green tea leaves used for drinking and the amount in green tea based supplements.

Also, it’s just much more fun, isn’t it? You can use this matcha powder as a quick, simple, and effective drink for health benefits and weight loss, but there are also a ton of other things that you can do with it such as smoothies, shakes, lattes, and even baking. But, let’s just save those for the times that we really deserve it, right?

Go Green!

The road to weight loss is filled with hard work and patience. Of course, it takes a lot of working out (regularly) and eating a healthy diet to get to your weight loss and fitness goals, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to get a little help, doesn’t it?

Green tea is arguably the best thing you can consume to aid you in your weight loss journey. It’s loaded with antioxidants and other health benefits that not only help you maintain and improve your health, but also help you lose weight faster and look good.

The best part is it is very easy to incorporate into your daily routine and substitute in place of any sugary drinks that need to be cut out to help you on your way.




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