Best Natural Hair Products

Styling hair is great and all. It can make you feel super cute and confident about yourself and jazz up your look. However, it’s also an amazing thing to just go au naturel and embrace the natural state of your mane!

Kinky, curly, wavy, straight, or anything in between, all hair types of all shapes and sizes should be embraced and shown off. Give your hair a break from all the heat styling and chemical treatments once in a while. It’s a healthy way to help your hair heal for a little while and also good for your self-esteem just embrace the natural beauty of your hair.

Going natural, however, still requires a bit of hair care; products that will suit your natural hair type will help care for it and make the best version of itself. You don’t want your natural mane to just go all over the place of be really dry, frizzy, dull, or limp. You want your curls to be nicely formed, waves to be consistent and beachy, your locks to be hydrated, hair still voluminous and luscious.

Hair products that will enhance and improve the natural state of your hair will really do a lot to make it look and feel good. In fact, once you get into the swing of things and find just the right products for you, you might find that you won’t even want to style your hair all that often anymore, which your hair will actually thank you a lot for.

Planning to go all natural and don’t really know where to start with products to suit your hair in its natural state? Not to worry! I am here to help you out with that. As a bonus, all the products mentioned here will be super affordable. I mean, maintaining your natural locks shouldn’t be expensive, right?

What Is Your Hair Type?

Hair comes in all shapes and sizes. Knowing what your hair type is and what its issues are will be an important step to choosing the right products to go along with it. So, let’s discuss all the different hair types, what issues they might have, and what you can do to enhance and improve the natural state of your hair.


Some people can be deceived by straight hair. People think that it is super easy to manage and you can just wake up and go with no effort at all. Of course, that could be the case for some of the lucky ones out there, but do not be deceived! Straight hair can actually be a piece of work.

Straight hair can be easily manageable, but the work lies in not making it look dull, limp, and thin. Often times, when your hair is super straight, it can look a bit broom-y and greasy because of the flatness. You lose a lot of volume which can make your hair look very thin and limp. Frizz will also be very prominent if you have super flat hair.

Those who have super straight hair should go for some deep cleansing, volumizing products that will help hair look thick, luscious, and full of life.


Wavy hair is a nice in-between between straight and curly. It’s not prone to limpness and dullness as straight hair and easier to manage than curls. It’s not a breeze handling waves, though, and it definitely still requires a bit of maintenance.

When you have wavy hair, often times you will get weird lumps of hair that don’t seem to look right. Some parts are wavier than others and sometimes it might seem that your hair doesn’t really know what to do with itself. Is it gonna wave this way or that way?

Another con with wavy hair is that it can look a bit too casual or “underdressed” in terms of hair styles. Curly or kinky hair can look messy, of course, but wavy hair can just sometimes seem a bit like you just took out a ponytail from your hair and got some dents in it.

Luckily, there are definitely products for this type of dilemma. Products that moisturize and hydrate the hair for that nice shine are good for making your waves look smooth and healthy. This might be a bit contradicting, but hear me out: volumizing hair products will also do wonders. If you get some volume on the roots and keep your waves from looking “dent-y” and instead fill them with life and volume, they will look 10x better.


Curly hair is all the rage when it comes to styling Hollywood stars. Those perfectly curled locks will always be the go-to hair do for special occasions because of how it just makes the hair look super pretty and nice. However, we all know that a lot of that is achieved with the power of curling irons and professional hair stylist. Not everyone’s curls turn out so perfectly all the time.

If you have curly hair then you know that your hair just kind of has a mind of its own sometimes. The curls can go every which way and they will not all look the same. Some locks are curlier than others and some just look crazy. Curly hair is also prone to frizzing and dryness which is definitely a pain.

The good news is, products have come a long way for curly hair care. There are products that can emphasize your natural curls and make them more uniform and neat looking. You’ll also need some products to combat the frizz and make the hair shiny but also really light so that the curls will form nicely.


The most underappreciated hair type out of all of them would probably be kinky, curly hair. This type of hair has been super underappreciated for such a long time, but fortunately, society has moved and is continuing to move past that and embracing the kink beauty. That said, kinky hair is probably the most difficult hair type to manage.

Kinky hair is distinguishable by its very tightly coiled curls. With these curls come a lot of texture and with this texture can come a lot of dryness, frizziness, and tangles. Texture is all well and good but dryness, frizziness, and tangles are definitely things that everyone will want out of their hair.

Not to worry my kinky haired, peeps! There are now tons of products that you can use to nurture your sassy mane. You will need a good hydrating, shine-inducing, and smoothing shampoo that will tame the dryness and frizzinessas well as lessen the chances of tangling, a good detangler to get those tangles out, and products that will really emphasize those curly locks and make the look more uniform and curly.

The Best Products for Natural Hair

As I Am Coconut CoWash Cleansing Conditioner

The As I am Coconut CoWash is a really good cleansing conditioner that gets rid of nasty product buildup in your hair without stripping it of all its moisture and making it dry or frizzy. This is suitable for all hair types from straight, wavy, curly, or kinky.

For straight hair or wavy hair, you will probably be familiar with dry shampoo to really get the volume going and get the greasy look out of your hair. However, after a few days, the dry shampoo will definitely buildup in your hair and you really want to get that out as well as you can. This cleansing conditioner will help out with that and keep the moisture in your hair so that it doesn’t frizz.

For curly or kinky hair, this will be a really great cleansing product to get rid of grease and buildup in your hair but also keep those curls nice and moisturized. Curls and kinks are definitely more prone to dryness and frizziness so a cleansing product that will still hydrate your locks is the best thing.

Eco Styling Gel with Olive Oil

The Eco Styling Gel with Olive Oil is perfect for keeping your hair in place all day and keeping it exactly how you want it to be without being drying or damaging to the hair. In fact, using this will actually even improve the texture of your hair and hydrate it with its olive oil components.

This is the perfect product for kinky haired beauties that want to smooth out and keep those locks neat and tidy along your scalp. A slicked back hairdo is such a chic way to wear your kinky locks and this styling gel will definitely do that while still putting that moisture back in your hair and giving you a deep condition with its hydrating ingredients.

Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream

The Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream is a must for revitalizing and giving your hair life. This will help repair hair that is prone to breakage and heal damage that’s been done with styling and chemical treatments. It will also leave your hair feeling soft and supple.

This leave-in conditioner is perfect for those that are having problem with dull or limp hair. Those with straight hair and wavy hair will love this, however, it will also be suitable for curly and kink-haired people that have a lot of damage or would like to put some volume on the roots. This will really give your hair that fluffy volumizing effect that will leave limpness and dullness as a thing of the past. This will also repair any damage done to your hair and bring your locks back to life.

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Mousse

Reading the name of the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Mousse will give you flashbacks when hair mousse was such a big thing and everybody had that crunchy hairdo that just seems crazy today. However, this is not one of those 90s mousses that will leave your hair as crispy as a potato chip, this will give your curls just the perfect definition while keeping it soft and actually improving the state of your hair over time.

This is definitely the perfect product for curly or kinky haired beauties. This will bring out your natural curls, make them more spiral, and keep them that way the whole day. Unlike other mousses, this will not just make your curls look super stiff and full of product. This will just help give your hair that hold that will help your curls stay in place and look more curled throughout the day without being too stiff or crunchy. Its coconut component also helps keep your hair moisturized and shiny as well as improve its state in the long run.

EDEN BodyWorksJojObaMonoi Deep Conditioner

A really great habit to get into is to deep condition your hair regularly. This is like exfoliating your skin but for your hair. Once in a while, your hair really needs a deep cleansing to get rid of product and sebum buildup that may be messing with your hair’s health. Everyone needs a good deep conditioner to maintain a healthy, clean scalp and hair.

EDEN BodyWorksJojObaMonoi Deep Conditioner is suitable for any hair type. Straight, wavy, curly, or kinky, whatever kind of natural mane you have, it will need a good deep conditioning once in a while to clear away impurities and restore the balance of moisture in your locks.

Au Naturel

Styling your hair looks great and all, but showing off and wearing your natural hair out and about for everyone to see is one of the best ways you can flaunt your natural beauty, empower yourself, and even just give your hair a break from chemical treatments and heat styling.

Whether you have straight, wavy, curly, or kinky hair, don’t be afraid to show off your natural locks! With the right products to take care of the natural state of your hair, you might find that you will feel look and feel great and might not even go back to styling it all that much. Give the products mentioned here a try and let us know how you get on!

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