Best Party Makeup be The Queen Tonight

Chic performance comes from flawless outfit which cannot be separated from make-up. Every woman want to beautiful in important event include you, isn’t it? Since every woman has each side that could be highlighted through cosmetic, especially for the best party makeup. Let’s start from face. Well there are many parts on your face such as eyes, eyebrow, cheek, lip, nose, and eyelashes.

Those parts have good appearance when you choose right cosmetic in applying party makeup. Then, is time affected on make-up style? Absolutely the answer “yes”, let’s we take example of night party. That will indicate to glamor style and beautiful. Moreover, night is best time for women to make their-self more beautiful.

Party Makeup for women

Night party will express full make-up that you used. Why? Because that time is avoided from sun lighting, so automatically you can wear fake eyelashes to make performance look more beautiful. Then, you can apply mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow on your eyes area. Highlighting eyes part is the main point which catch your flawless performance in night party.

Next, if you think about face shape whether round or oval. It is time for us to discuss best party makeup for cheek part. Round and oval face could be tricked with foundation and the way in applying cosmetic (include shading style). Cover imperfection part that can reduce your beauty.

Party Makeup with shiny lips

Sometimes women feel not confidence with round face and chubby face. Actually this part could be covered by making contour on your cheek with proper shading. If you don’t know how to make over your round face, please try to watch video on YouTube about how to make you face look thinner or go to beauty-center to get the perfect result. So not need to bother yourself if you cannot do it well.

Then maybe now you think about nose area. How about best makeup party for flat and small nose? Absolutely it reduces your confidences right? Well, this problem could be tricked with best shading style. I believe you are familiar with this way; making line or shading in your nose with darker color. It was often done by make-up artist to make their costumer look more beautiful. It was conducted in order to make nose look like slightly pointed.

Party Makeup by sadia khan

After eyes and nose area, the last part is lip. This part only needs suitable color. Color of lipstick that you used, it should be based on theme, style, and also clothes that you wore. Best party makeup absolutely which can make you more comfortable and charming. Minimalist or full party makeup should be suitable with your event.

If you like minimalist style for your best appearance, don’t make your face look like pale because it will give bad performance for you. In addition, don’t make mistake in choosing clothes and cosmetic for the event. Best party makeup that you choose should improve your confidence more.

Party Makeup with perfect eyes lining color

Party Makeup with matching nail color

Party Makeup with smokey eyes

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Party Makeup with natural blush on

Party Makeup with blue eyeshadow

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Party Makeup with minimalist concept

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