Breguet Watch for Men and Women

Breguet Watch is one of hand accessories which is popular even for men and women, especially for Europe and America. Since it appears in 1775 by Abraham Louis Breguet in French, the luxurious item is a hunted thing in society. This luxurious watch is very sweet for going to formal event, such as meeting, working, and other formal event.

Breguet Watch with Chronograph designThis watch is designed only for several people, but it has pretty enough design which is popular with diamond. Even for men and women, proper to wear these accessories, and the company of this brand was located in Swiss.

For men, it might divided into two themes; non formal and formal. While for the type was classified into: XX, XXI, XXII, Simple, and Grandes Complications. And the most excellence side is it provided with water-resistant, distinguished by the presence of crown guards. Actually, there is not really long different among design for men and women. But, there is type of XX and there is no classification model for Breguet watch. And the main part, there is diamond decorated there and oval bezels too.Breguet Watch with leather strap

Although, there are lots of differences in this item, actually it will be proper for you who decided to wear it and wherever you gone. You can see that there is a diamond in several side. It had shown how the incredible Breguet Watch through the design, and type, and classification model offers.

From year to year, Breguet watch had experienced in Design Company. After it moved the owner from 1990, it is more artistic since there are lots of diamond and more elegant in classification model. Turbulion actually has its function as additional design for this brand. So in 1979 this item began accommodated with dynamic types and the specification more modern than previous.Breguet Watch with symbol

Then, in the early the function of this items have accurate progress, so it did tour-billion demonstration on watch that made by Abraham Louis Breguet, and the result was spectacular and out of prediction. Therefore, it will give the proud feeling for those who wear this item.

leather Breguet Watch for men

off black Breguet Watch design

rose gold Breguet Watch

the detail of Breguet Watch

Breguet Watch 627 edition

Breguet Watch most luxury brand

Breguet Watch since 1775

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