Cheap Cosmetics to Get You Started With Your Makeup Essentials

If you are a newbie to makeup, you may get a little overwhelmed with all the makeup out in the market right now. There are so many brands and so many products you can choose from, that it’s kind of difficult to know where to start. If you’re also just starting from scratch, you may have to get a few products at once.

Not all of us can zip out hundreds of dollars on high-end makeup all at once to start up and stock up on makeup essentials. When you’re just filling out your makeup kit, it’s best that you start out with affordable but quality drugstore products.

There are lots of cheap cosmetics out there that you can get, but if you’re a makeup newbie, you may end up getting some products that won’t really work for you. To help you out with that, here are the best, tried and tested, but super affordable products that should be a part of your makeup essentials.


Revlon 24 Hour Color Stay Foundation

The Revlon Color Stay Foundation has long been a part of “best” and “top” lists when it comes to drugstore cosmetics. In fact, it is up there even with the high end stuff when it comes to quality. I always think, you can’t really cheat with foundation. You either have an amazing one or an awful one. Good drugstore foundations are probably the hardest to find out of all the other makeup products, but thankfully, Revlon has delivered this amazing one that’s totally worth the money and more!

This foundation has 20 shades in the range and it has both a normal to dry skin and oily skin formula. It has a fairly matte but not flat finish, it lasts ages, and has absolutely zero transfer.


Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

Collection is a fairly well-known cosmetics brand if you’re from the UK and you’ve probably already heard the concealer that beauty gurus from there have been raving about which is the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. If you’re not from the UK and you’ve never heard of this product, then consider yourself enlightened! Affordable but quality concealers are probably the second hardest cosmetics to find other than foundation, but thankfully, Collection have made a super cheap but awesome concealer.

This concealer has only 4 shades in the range (increase shade range, please!) and has a matte finish. The great thing about it is that it isn’t cakey but still super pigmented so it’s great for covering up blemishes and under eye circles. It’s also really long lasting and pretty transfer-proof.


e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit

Whether or not you’ve been into makeup for a while, you’ve probably still caught the “eyebrow” craze that makeup enthusiasts have been so into lately. Full, filled in, and polished brows really do a lot to frame your face and complete your look even if you’re just wearing foundation and a bit of mascara. Eyebrow products are now definitely considered as a makeup essential. E.l.f. have made a super affordable but effective brow palette that rivals those high-end pomades and powders out there.

This brow palette comes in a dark, medium, and light variation depending on the color of your hair and brows. It has two colors in one compact, one darker wax/gel formula and a lighter powder color to set it with. It’s super pigmented and long-lasting and will definitely be the perfect brow kit for your starter makeup collection.


Rimmel Natural Bronzer

Bronzer is an essential makeup product that everyone should at least have in their makeup bag. When you’re feeling a bit pale or flat, bronzer will do a lot to give you some depth in your face and a healthy sun kissed glow. Foundation can also flatten the complexion of the face, so it’s good to have something that’ll bring some color back to it. Luckily, good but affordable bronzers are something you can easily find, but Rimmel has made one of the best bronzers you can get in the drugstore.

The Rimmel Natural Bronzer comes in 4 shades. Make sure that you choose the right color for your skin tone so that it doesn’t look muddy or orange when you put it on. This bronzer is super natural looking because it’s matte. It applies evenly and smoothly which is important for bronzer and it stays on all day long! This affordable bronzer will definitely make you think that it’s some high-end stuff.


NYX Powder Blush

Just like bronzer, blush is an important step to put some color back in your face. Even if you don’t plan on wearing any bronzer, a flush of color on your cheeks will make you look awake and healthy. There are some great affordable blushes out there, and NYX have long been known for their amazing blushes that could be considered as dupes for the high-end ones.

The NYX Powder Blushes have 27 shades in the range with both matte and shimmery colors. They’re super pigmented so a little will go a long way and a pan of it will last you a long time. This will definitely a great addition to your makeup starter kit.

Eye Shadow

Milani Everyday Eyes Powder Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow palettes are probably going to be the most expensive product in your makeup kit more than anything else besides foundation. There are so many great palettes out there with gorgeous pigment and colors, but they’re also quite pricey and it’s hard to find a cheaper alternative that will give the same quality. Milani have made an awesome and affordable palette that is perfect for those who want some essential neutral shades for their eye makeup.

The Milani Everyday Eyes Powder Eyeshadow has 5 variations of different combinations of shimmer and matte shadows to create some essential eye looks. Its shadows are really pigmented even without primer and doesn’t crease easily. This palette is great for a starter kit because unlike a lot of high-end palettes, it only has the few colors that you’ll actually be using regularly rather than tons of different ones that you might not even be able to use all that often. It also comes with a great brush that you can actually use.


Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

Eyeliner is one of the most fun things about makeup but it’s also one of the hardest things to learn how to master. You want a really good eyeliner that’s pigmented and won’t tug on your eyelid to make things a little bit easier for you. You also want something that won’t smudge throughout the day. Maybelline is pretty spot on with their smudge-proof and waterproof eye makeup and they’ve made the perfect eyeliner for every makeup bag out there.

The Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner has 4 shades depending on your eyeliner preference. The eyeliner is in a pot and there is a brush that comes with it which is really awesome. This eyeliner is waterproof and super long lasting but surprisingly easy to get off at the end of the day.


Maybelline the Falsies Volum’ Express Mascara

A good mascara is something every makeup bag should have. Defined lashes can make a whole look even if you’re not wearing much makeup at all. But even if you’re just a newbie, you don’t just want any mascara. You want a mascara that will last long, give you the effect you want, and won’t make your eyelashes all clumpy and weird-looking. Maybelline has long been known for providing affordable but super effective mascaras.

The Maybelline the Falsies Volum’ Express mascara has been around a long time and is probably the best mascara you can get from Maybelline (although they do so many great ones!). The Falsies has 4 different dark shades for your lashes and it has both a waterproof and a washable version. If you want something that’ll last through all kinds of weather and situations, go for waterproof. Maybelline have absolutely perfected their waterproof formulas so this is sure to hold up. If you want something a little easier to remove at the end of the day, go for washable. Both versions last all day long and give your lashes such amazing length and volume without being clumpy or spidery!


NYX Matte Lipstick

Lipstick is something that is always present in any makeup kit ever. Whether it be a classy nude or a bold and daring color, a pop of color on your lips is always a great pick-me-up. Nothing says, “I’ve made an effort to make my face up today!” like some good old lipstick even if you’re not wearing much makeup. There are actually a lot of brands that make amazing drugstore lipstick, but one of the absolute best and favorites is none other than NYX.

NYX has made lots of amazing lines of lipstick, but the NYX Matte Lipstick is where it all began. This lipstick is great for those who don’t really want to dive in to liquid lipstick quite yet. This range has a whopping 36 shades, so you’ll definitely have some variety and choice whether you want nudes, brights, or vampy colors. This lipstick is super pigmented and has a matte finish but is still creamy and not drying. It also lasts ages and rivals the quality of lots of high-end lipsticks.


Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

For the finishing touch, a powder will set the makeup on your skin and make it last a lot longer. Not everyone really thinks they need powder, but for days that you really want your skin makeup to stay on or if you have oily skin, powder is going to be essential. Lots of people don’t prefer to put powder on because it tends to get cakey or get rid of the natural glow of the face. Rimmel has made a powder that is awesome for those that still want a natural finish while setting their makeup to last all day.

The Rimmel Stay Matte powder is a favorite amongst many. It has 6 shades in the range, 5 of which are pigmented to match certain skin tones, and 1 transparent powder with no color as to not change the shade of your foundation. This will make your skin makeup last all day long without caking up or being too matte and flat. If you want a bit more coverage on your face, go for the pigmented powders, but if you want something that’ll just set your makeup, go for the transparent.

Getting Started

High-end products are great to splurge on if you are really a makeup lover. However, filling up your makeup bag doesn’t mean that you have to splurge large amounts of money. You can save up and buy the high-end stuff once you’ve got the essentials that you need. But in the meantime, to get you started, here are the best but affordable products you should get to fill up your kit and get all the essentials. You might even find that they’re just as good as the high-end stuff.

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