Cosplay a Unique Culture, Event and Art

Cosplay or costume play is an event where all people wear a unique costume and accessories to represent a specific character, almost in cartoon, anime and comic. Cosplay also present an art, the art of makeup, fashion and clothing. This is a popular culture in Japan since 1990 (first introduced by Nobuyuki Takahashi while attending  1984 World Science Fiction Convention), and now adopted by  other parts of Asia and Western world.

sexiest Cosplay costume

Right now we could find much cosplay communities, even there are much pros and cons regarding this event. Well, did you want to join on this event (became a cosplayer)? Here the several best cosplay outfit that may inspire you.

best Cosplay couple outfit

Want to celebrate the cosplay event with your best friend? Here the best costume that may inspire you. Make sure that you have same theme or concept with your couple, means both of you must take the outfit from same source (from same comic or cartoon).

unique Cosplay makeup

best Cosplay costume for women

unique hairstyle of Cosplay

the cutiest Cosplay outfit and makeup

japanese Cosplay anime

Cosplay costume and makeup for women

most awesome Cosplay costume and accessories

Absolutely everyone wants to wear the best outfit in there, but you need to make sure that your costume and outfit, including the accessories are suitable for you and doesn’t make a busy look, also comfortable to wear.

red hairstyle and best accessories for Cosplay

blue hair color for Cosplay

Cosplay costume for extra size people

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  1. Sachin says:

    Who are these models??

  2. Ideas says:

    Many of them are not professional models, but its just street photography.

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