Covergirl Mascara “Colorful Edition”

Eyes are part of women that often attract people to see you. It is main factor that can be your precious asset for your beauty. Many kinds of makeup are applied well here, such as mascara. That is one kind of cosmetic that functioned to lashes your lash very well. Make charming eyes with perfect eyelashes. Covergirl mascara could fulfill your need.

For this moment, we would like to discuss about this brand. Covergirl mascara has various product that maybe suitable for you. Here the following example of their products.

Covergirl-Lash Blast Volume

Best lashes will create here. It was developed to brush your lashes greatly. The liquid categorized in volume-boosting formula. The color of liquid is black. When you apply it, it will make your lashes look big. Moreover, it is also safe for you who wear contact lens.

Covergirl Mascara before and after

Applying this item, first time try to apply less portion at the lower lashes than top lashes. If you want to look in casual style, try to use forgo mascara for lower lashes. Don’t forget to add more layers to the outer corners.

Covergirl-Clump Crusher

Covergirl-Clump Crusher is kind of product that very suitable for natural appearance. Characteristic of the liquid which has very black color and it allows for separation lashes. Getting beautiful outfit from strong black color that will give charming look from your eyes. Besides, it has great brush that will help you for applying the clump crusher.

Covergirl Mascara interior

Covergirl mascara has unique characteristic that represents from the cover since it had various color for cover such as green, orange, and pink.

If you are women who have small eyes, then you need to do proper eye makeup to make your eyes wider and attractive. Here the following tips that can you do by yourself. First, make sure that your eyebrow is trimmed well and looking tidy. It will give effect on your eyes shape.

After you done in trimming your eyebrow, the next step is applying some eye shadow or other cosmetic. Then you can apply your mascara in open eyes condition. Your small eyes will not looking small after you trimmed your eyebrow.

Covergirl Mascara so elegant

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Covergirl Mascara for eye makeup

Covergirl Mascara hyper curly

Covergirl Mascara for teenage

Covergirl Mascara for best makeup

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Covergirl Mascara long lasting

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