Crop Tops Best and Latest Outfit

Crop tops is the one clothing style that able to make you appear sexy and playful. This clothing is highly popular among teenager to middle age women.One of best outfit to wear in summer season, it will make you feel comfortable and relax.

High waist shorts would be perfect to used with the crop tops. Not confident or uncomfortable wearing shorts? You may wear high wasted jeans, it could be best for your crop tops. There are varied models of it, start from full sleeve, sleeveless, also asymmetrical, loose or tight body parts.

A bit advise from me, if you want to have a baggy crop tops model (the body parts loose), sleeveless would be perfect for it. Almost of baggy crop top come with crinkle or asymmetrical model at front part, which can be a captivating selection for teenage. Do not match it with cardigan, jacket or any outer, because it would look too crowded and busy.

Image via Baju Online.


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