Estee Lauder Foundation for The Perfect Makeup

Foundation is beauty makeup that helps you hide your imperfect skin. Generally, foundation applied before compact powder. Long lasting beauty is a dream from every woman. Estee Lauder foundation is one of best foundation that gives you exclusive touch from every product. It gives you long lasting beauty too. Although, every foundation has specialty based on Brand Company such as SPF and other special formula since it is offers you the best quality ever.

Estee Lauder foundation is kind of exclusive foundation that helps you in hiding straight mark on your face. Moreover, it will make your face smoother look than before. Estee Lauder foundation has various foundation products that able make you more beautiful.

Estee Lauder Foundation- Perfectionist

This is one of Estee Lauder Foundation has special touch from its SPF 25. The formula of this beauty cosmetic has completed with SPF 25 that able protect you from sun light damage. It is well-known as Youth-Infusing Make up SPF 25. There are various skin tone of this foundation, so you can fulfill your skin need based on foundation shade. Perfectionist Estee lauder foundation has 22 shade. Therefore, you can explore what kind of skin tone needed. Price for this product is around $ 45.00 only.

Brightness and perfect are the main point that needed by women over the world. Perfectionist from Estee Lauder foundation will make your appearance look like younger than the reality. Applying this foundation by using hand and make it sure that you had already applied it on entire face.

Estee Lauder Foundation-Double Wear

This kind of long lasting Estee Lauder foundation, it is able hold for 15 hours. Besides, it is include in medium coverage that offers you 15 shades. So, you can choose as you need. Feel lightweight and comfortable with this foundation. You can get fresh and flawless outfit in the morning every day.

Indeed, Estee Lauder foundation helps you in hiding imperfect skin. This brand is categorized in exclusive beauty makeup foundation. Moreover, the benefits of this foundation have already proven by people and some celebrities over the world. Get your flawless outfit by applying it with long-lasting quality.

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