How to Get the Best Make Up Look In Natural Light

Here’s something that you may or may not already know: make up can look quite different in natural light. Have you ever done your makeup in your room, looked amazing, then went out and find that it looks completely different in the sunlight? That’s totally happened to all of us!

That’s because natural light is usually harsher than the lighting indoors. However, if you’re looking to get amazing, well-lit selfies or planning a day out in the sun, you need to make the most of that natural light and have your make up look good under it.

Here are some ways you can get the perfect make up look in natural light:



One of the most important steps when creating a makeup look that looks good in natural light is to moisturize. Whether your skin is super oily, dry, or just normal, you want to make sure that it’s fully moisturized. This will help prevent any cakeyness and dry patches when you put your skin makeup on. Moisturizing will also help the makeup stick to your skin better.

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Primer is a great product to make sure that your skin is all prepped and smooth for the foundation that you are using. It’s best if you get a primer that will fill in and minimize your pores so that they don’t stand out or get filled in with foundation. A primer will also create a smooth barrier between your skin and the foundation which will help it apply without any cakeyness and keep it fresh throughout the day.

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For natural light, a matte or super full coverage foundation can look a bit heavy. Sunlight often highlights cakeyness or any dry patches on the face. Natural looking skin looks best under natural light. Not all of us can have perfect skin, however, which is why some coverage is sometimes needed. It’s best if you use a thin layer of foundation or BB cream and blend that super well on your face. You can use a light to medium coverage foundation to make sure that you don’t get “cake face” or look too heavily made up in natural sunlight.

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Concealer is quite known for causing a bit of caking in your skin makeup. Use it sparingly on your face, make sure you only put it where you really need it, and pick one that blends really well and still has a natural finish.

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A flush of color will look best when going out in the sunlight. Choose peachy tones and rosy blushes instead of shimmer or pops of bright color like hot pink or reds.

If you have dry to normal skin, a liquid or cream blush will give a really nice glow in natural sunlight. Just gently tap and blend it with your fingers or beauty blender.

For those who like a powder blush, use one that is really pigmented so that even just a tiny bit will give you a nice flush without packing on too much product.

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Bronzer will give you that sun kissed look that is perfect under natural lighting. It also acts as a great tool to give your face some shadows and some depth without going all-out with contour powder.

Contour powder is often grayish and looks unnatural in sunlight. It’s best if you opt for a brown toned bronzer to add some shape, depth, and color in your face so that it looks natural and sun kissed. However, bronzer can make your face look muddy rather than sun kissed, so be careful in choosing what color suits you best.

If you are fair, go for bronzers that lighter in color with an orange (but not too orange!) undertone. For darker skin tones, go for something darker a slightly gray undertone.

A cream bronzer will look particularly nice in natural light, but if your skin is a bit oilier, go for a powder. You can also choose one with a bit of glow or shimmer that will give off a nice glow in the sun or a matte one that looks more natural and more shadow-like.

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Two things that go perfectly together is sunlight and highlight. A nice glow on the high points of your face will look amazing when the light hits it.

Brush a subtle amount of highlight on the tops of your cheekbones, the top of your nose, and your cupid’s bow. This will give your face even more depth and a gorgeous healthy glow.

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Fill in your brows as you normally would. Nice and defined brows with no gaps or sparse areas will frame your face wonderfully in the sunlight. Gaps in your brows will be more noticeable in natural light, so make sure that you fill all of them in.

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Natural lighting can put quite an emphasis on your makeup, so you never really want to put anything too heavy on. For eye shadow, it’s best if you do a simple look with browns or bronzes or champagne-y colors.

Put a lighter color all over your lid and define your crease with a brown shadow. Put a bit of the brown shadow on the lower lash line for a smokier look.

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For liner, you can pretty much go from nonexistent to subtle to dramatic. For a light makeup look, you can skip the liner completely and just put on a ton of mascara, do a brown shadow or liner just on your lash line, or just do a super thin line of black right at your lash line. For something a little more dramatic, you can do a subtle cat flick or a dramatic wing.

You can use either gel, liquid, or pencil, but make sure that it won’t smudge or bleed during the day!

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Who doesn’t like long, luscious lashes? For a daytime look, you want to go for lots of length and a bit of volume. Too much volume may cause some clumping and may look a bit too heavy in natural light. Long but clean looking lashes are the way to go.

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Darker and vampy colors are usually associated with fall or night time going out. For natural day lighting, it’s best to go for nude or pink colors. Glosses or non-matte finishes might be a little better in natural light because it won’t cling on to and emphasize any dryness. It’ll also give a nice sheen in the sunlight. However, you can still go for mattes as long as you moisturize your lips or wear some lip balm underneath.

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Natural Lighting Is the Best Lighting

There are a ton of lights now that are created to make you look good. But there are lots of photographers still prefer to use natural light. There’s just something about the natural light of the sun that brings out the very best in our skin, features, and angles. Complemented with the best make up to go with it, natural light can make you glow like nothing else and look absolutely amazing.

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