Top 10 Low Fade Haircut Model

We have to discuss about mens hairstyle of the year, there I have to mention several hair model for men. But now I would like to discuss about Low fade haircut, the leading hairstyle in this last 6 years (or more than it). Low fade haircut is the only model that regardless of ages (appropriate for any age) and always look stylish. Here the top 10 Low Fade Haircut model:

1. Razor Faded Pompadour

This is a classic low-mid cut crested which looking awesome. Actually it would be perfect for teenage to medium age men (bellow 40 years). To get a perfect look, you may apply hair gel to make it more shining and not easily fall apart.

2. Mid Tier Low Fade Haircut

Not far-away from the first model, at a glance they looks same, This Low fade haircut has a sharper fading at the sides and looks more contrast.

3. Mid High Fading Haircut

This model much suitable for stylish men or maybe punk lover. The fading is bordering on high and tight territory. While applying this style, you should making sure that you can pull it off (I think here you also need the hair gel helping). You can sharpen the lines of fades to get a perfect look.

4. Classic Low Fade Haircut

This style suitable for any age. By applying this style, can bring you to authoritative and elegant looks. You should try this model, it’s quite simple and not need special treatment such as hair gel.

5. High Contrast Fade

This is the favorite models among teenagers. This low fade haircut model will keep you stylish, fresh and looks younger. It much suitable for straight or wave hair, not advisable for curly hair.

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