MAC Lipstick Perfecting Your Appearance

Perfecting your performance through cosmetic that you used, here you should choose the right cosmetic for your need is important. Lip-color is the most important part of it. Applying kind of lip-color also should pay attention to your skin tone or you should choose right costume that you wear.  

Mostly when applying lip color, women will adjust it with their clothes color. MAC lipstick will fulfill your need. Here I listed several top edition of them. This is could be your preferences when you prefer to buy MAC lipstick.

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MAC Lipstick-Angel

The color is perfect pink and it is suitable for fair or medium skin tone. Actually this item is quite best seller. If you decide to apply, your performance looks cool or warm-tone. Pink nuance on your lip will be soft and make your appearance looking good.

MAC Lipstick-Brick-O-La

Brick-O-La is extremely good for fall as it has rich-reddish berry color. Well, texture of Brick-O-La is creamy and will give you best pigment on your lip. The color of this product is ‘Mid-toned berry”. This is suitable for women who has medium to dark skin.

MAC Lipstick-Hang-Up

Deep berry color in this edition is suitable for you who have medium skin even dark skin too. If you apply this, you have to combine with smoky eye or gold wash over the lid for great lip combo.

MAC Lipstick varied colors

MAC Lipstick-Peachstock

Peachstock is nude color with pale peach theme that will make your lip in warm color but this does not make ashen appearance. Besides, this is also the favorite peach edition from this brand. Neutral peach that presented by this product will make your appearance become soft and it is suitable for women who have fair or medium skin tone.

MAC Lipstick-Pink Nouveau

If you love pink color that express young feeling and fresh, Pink Nouveau is  suitable for you. This product will make your lip overly bright. It will be perfect to apply this when your lashes are thicker than before. Moreover, this lip color is suitable for fair, medium and dark skin.

In short, those are top editions of MAC lipstick. That will suitable for your need and help to make your appearance looking good.

MAC Lipstick with matte style

retro MAC Lipstick style

the latest MAC Lipstick edition

peach MAC Lipstick

MAC Lipstick the famous colors

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hot red MAC Lipstick

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