Masculine Dunhill Perfume for Men

Perfume or a signature scent is always a staple in a man’s everyday routine. Everyone wants to smell nice, of course, but there is just something about wearing that scent that you absolutely love and matches your taste and personality completely that really just brings everything together. Having that signature scent can really make a good impression on anyone that you encounter whether that be for business, your social life, or even personal relationships.

Everyone likes someone who smells good all the time, right? And having that scent that they associate with you right away can leave a lasting impression on them. Not to mention, knowing that you smell amazing and having a whiff of it yourself throughout the day can really give you a confidence boost and leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

There’s nothing stopping all the perfumes from being unisex, really, but generally, men and women prefer different scents on themselves and what they like to smell on someone else. Women tend to prefer lighter scents like floral, fruity, citrusy, or powdery. Men, however, tend to prefer something a bit muskier, woody, or spicy.

Dunhill, founded by Alfred Dunhill, an inventor and tobacconist, was originally a brand known for their luxury cigarettes that originated and is based in the Great Britain in London. Dunhill cigarettes has since branched out with Dunhill London, their luxury retail brand that produces men’s apparel, accessories, leather goods, and fragrances.

This venture of the Dunhill brand has turned out to be super successful and now, quite a well-known brand that men love. Dunhill has been particularly known for their products that are marketed and made specifically for men and their line of fragrances have been positively reviewed and admired by men for years.

They not only hit the nail on the head with what men want to smell like, but also what someone else would find sexy or attractive on you. Want to know what all the hype is about? Here are some of the best Dunhill fragrances that you should try out.

X-Centric By Alfred Dunhill For Men

X-Centric By Alfred Dunhill For Men was released in 2001 with Maurice Roucel and Volke Francke as the masterminds behind it. This is a fragrance that is perfect for those that prefer less “perfume-y” scents and something a lot more natural. The smell of this is mainly very woody and spicy with the top notes being nutmeg, cypress, and cinnamon, and freshness from the green leaves and grapefruit that comes through for that perfect balance. Other notes include clary sage, cardamom, freesia, cedar, lotus, rose, sandalwood, patchouli, musk, guaiac wood, and ambergris. This fragrance will remind you of a walk through a forest and the natural amazing scents that nature produces. This is definitely for a man that likes the smell of the outdoors and a bit of a rugged vibe rather than being overly perfumed.

Dunhill Pure By Alfred Dunhill For Men

Dunhill Pure by Alfred Dunhill for Men was launched in 2006 and designed for the spring and summer season. Steering away from quite powerful, musky scents, this fragrance is bright, clean, and fresh. Typically, men’s scents don’t feature many florals, but Dunhill has made an incredible mix of florals like lotus leaf, cardamom, and iris with a hint of spicy white pepper, and some fresh citrusy ingredients.

For men who don’t really prefer strong, masculine, and musky scents, this could be the perfect fragrance for you. It is quite subtle but still a beautiful scent with a nice balance of spice to add just to balance out the freshness and make it a bit sexier and masculine. A perfect scent for the summertime.

Desire By Alfred Dunhill For Men

Desire by Alfred Dunhill was first launched in 2000 with Michel Almairac as the nose behind it. Desire has since then caused a new era in men’s perfume and is probably the most iconic fragrance from Dunhill yet. The scent of this is powerful and sexy, but it brings a uniqueness and tangy quality with its dominant citrus smell.

The main notes apple, orange blossoms, bergamot, lemon produce a fresh but tangy and powerful citrus scent while heart notes rose, patchouli, and teakwood, and base notes vanilla, musk, and labdanum give it depth, diversity, and balance. This makes for a citrusy, woodsy, but also sweet and musky scent that is targeted for a man who is very confident and likes to make some heads turn in their direction.

This fragrance is sexy and loud, perfect for wearing on a night out to the club, the bar, or a fancy dinner.

Dunhill Icon by Alfred Dunhill

Dunhill, under new creative director John Ray has launched a new fragrance for men back in 2015. That fragrance is Icon by Alfred Dunhill, with perfumer Carlos Benaim as the nose behind it. This scent can be described as very aromatic, woody, and spicy. It opens with notes of fresh bergamot and neroli for that citrusy beginning.

The heart notes are aromatic and spicy with black pepper, lavender, and cardamom. Then comes the woody base of vetiver, leather, smoky oud, and oak moss. The citrus notes give it a freshness and fruitiness at the very top with a layer of smokiness underneath with the woody notes that give it that masculine feel.

This is described to be for a man who is masculine, sophisticated, and refined. This fragrance is classic, luxurious, and straightforward, perfect for a sophisticated gentleman going about a busy day.

Desire Blue By Alfred Dunhill For Men

Desire Blue by Alfred Dunhill For Men was introduced in 2002 with Philippe Romano as the nose behind the fragrance. This is part of the Dunhill’s “Desire” line of fragrances. Desire Blue is quite similar to the original Desire, but a bit less loud and a little more subtle. This is a very citrusy, aromatic, and aquatic scent.

Its top notes are the fresh and citrusy litchi, mandarin orange, lotus, and bergamot. The middle notes are orange, Brazilian rosewood, and sea notes. The base notes are tonka bean, amber, musk, and benzoin. This is can be considered as a much lighter and daytime version of desire.

A refreshing, aquatic, cool water fragrance, Desire Blue is the perfect scent for everyday use and for summertime for a man who is active and sophisticated.

Dunhill Fresh By Alfred Dunhill For Men

Dunhill Fresh by Alfred Dunhill for Men was launched back in 2005 with Maurice Roucel as the nose behind the fragrance. Living up to its name, Dunhill Fresh is indeed a very fresh, clean, and nature inspired scent.

The top notes are the aromatic lavender, refreshing green notes, freesia, basil, mint, and sage. The middle notes are the floraly mimosa, iris, violet, and freesia. While the base notes are coumarin, patchouli, oakmoss, vetiver, and cedar.

This is another scent that is perfect for everyday use and the summer season. It’s not too overpowering and perfect for those that just want a very fresh, simple, clean, and natural smell. This is for a man who is confident in his own skin, laid back, and cool.

Dunhill Icon Elite By Alfred Dunhill

Since the launch of the original Icon by Alfred Dunhill in 2015, the British fashion house has made it into a collection and launched 2 more fragrances in this line. One of the fragrances and the latest one to be launched in 2016 is the Dunhill Icon Elite by Alfred Dunhill.

This is quite a masculine and sophisticated scent that is woody, warm, and spicy. The top notes of this include bergamot, kaffir lime, Sicilian bigarade, and cardamom with the heart notes being vetiver, blue sage, juniper, and black pepper.

The base notes are ebony wood, sandalwood, black suede, and labdanum. Although it is quite a woody and spicy scent, it is still very fresh and not too overpowering and it is balanced out with citrusy notes and a little bit of sweetness.

This is a very warm fragrance that will go perfectly with a cooler season like fall or winter. This is for a man who is sexy, sophisticated, and elegant.

Dunhill Edition By Dunhill For Men

Dunhill Edition by Dunhill for Men is, indeed, a classic from this brand. This fragrance was launched back 1984 with Alain Astory as the nose behind it and is definitely an oldie but goody. This is a very woody, spicy, and aromatic scent that will give your nose a bit of a kick but still be really wearable.

The top notes of this are nutmeg, lavender, bergamot, and amalfi lemon. The middle notes are carnation, jasmine, geranium, lily of the valley, clary sage, and cyclamen. The base notes are vetiver, oak moss, Virginia cedar, amber, tonka bean, and fir.

This scent is a peculiar but beautiful mix of warm and cool. Because of this, it goes quite well with either warmer or cooler weather. This is for a classic and refined gentleman that likes a versatile fragrance that you can pretty much wear anytime and anywhere.

Desire Black by Dunhill for Men

Another one from the iconic Desire collection, Desire Black by Dunhill for Men was launched in 2014 by the British fashion and tobacco house. Right away, you’ll have a whiff of the spiciness, woody, and aromatic qualities of this fragrance.

The top notes are black pepper, bergamot, and grapefruit. The middle notes are saffron, cypress, and rose. And the base notes are vetiver, olibanum, and amber. Desire Black’s name is very appropriate for it scent.

It is quite a woody scent that’s balanced out with fresh citrusy notes and It’s definitely the perfect fragrance to wear at night and would go great with cooler weather like fall or winter with its distinct spiciness and warmth. This is for a cool and rugged man that likes a very masculine scent with a bit of a kick to it.

D By Dunhill By Dunhill For Men

Dunhill D is a fragrance for men that was launched back in 1996 and was developed by perfumer Gerard Anthony. This fragrance is a mix of aromatic, fresh, spicy, woody, and citrus. Its top notes are lemon, mandarin, pepper, spearmint, cypress, and rosewood.

The heart notes are lavender, lily of the valley, freesia, geranium, jasmine, and white roses. The base notes are sandalwood, cedar, musk, amber, moss, tonka, and vanilla. This is quite a cool scent that’s perfect for warmer weather and the daytime for a nice contrast and a refreshing, cooling scent that you can catch throughout the day.

This fragrance was designed for a man who is smooth, stylish, and cool.

Make an Impression

Any time you ask a person what they like in a man, almost always, they will say that a man who smells good definitely gets some extra attractive points. There is just something about a man who knows what they like and knows what smells good on them as well as just smelling amazing in general that immediately boosts their appeal and makes a good impression.

It has been scientifically proven that smell is one of the most powerful senses that we use and something that really makes an impact on how we perceive a lot of things. A lot of the time, we even use scent to make an impression in our brains before we use our sight.

Smelling great even just as you enter a room can make such a powerful impression on colleagues, bosses, friends, and even that special someone that you want to impress. A signature scent of yours can add that extra oomph to progress and improve your working relationships, social life, and love life.

Dunhill is a brand that have been in the business for a long time and they are very good at what they do. They know exactly what men like and what people like to smell on them. Go ahead and get your signature scent from this expert brand and start smelling like success.


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