Maybelline Cosmetic Show Off Your Beauty

Hearing word “Maybelline” absolutely you are familiar with this brand. It is one of cosmetic brand which is very complete for ladies need. It provided much equipment, starting from cosmetic for face such as powder, foundation, baby cream, eye-shadow, lipstick, mascara, concealer and much more.

Concealer are cosmetic for face that also provided by Maybelline. This product was very well-known over the world. It often promoted by celebrities and often used by them in some movie or show. Actually you have to admit that Maybelline is top brand which provide any cosmetic completely.

Maybelline Cosmetic dream collection

Beauty of women will not be perfect if there is no makeup on face. Mostly women love makeup as it will give different touch for their appearance. Part of face has each cosmetic for their beauty such as eyes and lip. The following products of Maybelline will be described here:

Maybelline BB Cream

Are you BB cream lover? Or maybe you are not familiar with this item. BB cream is one of beauty cosmetic and it includes as one simple step. Actually there are two kinds of Maybelline BB cream; Dream Pure BB and Dream Fresh BB. This cream will give you eight benefits for your beauty. It will make your skin better, light and fresh feeling, instantly blur imperfection even out skin tone, while it will make your skin face smooth, hydrating, brightening and protecting your skin with SPF 30. Moreover, it is free from oil.

Maybelline Cosmetic butter lipstick

Great Lash at Real Impact Maybelline

It is new product of Maybelline. It is one of beauty product for eyes. This product will make your lashes become thick and beautiful. Open your eyes to see many possibilities in this world. Many product of Maybelline will make your eyes beautiful, charming and lure.

Great lashes mascara is mascara which able makes your eyes perfect since it made from perfect formula. It will make your lashes thick and silky with natural looking. Although it give perfect result for you, it is easy to clean. So no need to worry how hard is it. Moreover, it is also suitable for contact lens wearers.

Maybelline Cosmetic New York

Color Sensation @Rebel Bloom

This is lip cosmetic that will give super-saturated pigment. It has bright color of pink, red, also mauves and never dull to see. It is also completed by honey nectar which adds a sumptuous feel. This product provides 10 vivacious shades. Your appearance will not be perfect if there is no lipstick on your lip, isn’t it? Try this new product and it will give different sensation on your performance.

Color Show Nail Lacquer Polka-dots Collection

Now we continue to next product for nail. This is new nail polish will make your nail look more beautiful. It will attract people to see your interesting nail. This product provides 5 spot-on shades: Drop of Jade, Dotty 65, Clearly Spotted 75, Pretty in Polka 85, Blue Mark the Spot 95. It was priced $3.99. Those colors will able to make your nail more interesting and beautiful. Try to get the flawless outfit through cosmetic that you choose.

Well, those are several product of Maybelline that will ready to enhance your beauty. If you are interested in that product, you can buy it on cosmetic center or supermarket near your home. Let’s make your beauty soul touch down your world.

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