Maybelline Lipstick Coloring Your Day

Lip color is one part of women. Of course you are familiar with Maybelline Lipstick product. Lip color is essential for you, especially for women who love applying makeup. Besides covering your appearance into good looking, that also support your confidence.

Following year this brand try to follow the growth of cosmetic need of women. New innovation had already conducted. Recently there is new product of Maybelline Lipstick, at “Color Sensational® Color Elixir® Iridescents” edition.

Color Sensational® Color Elixir® Iridescents

This Maybelline Lipstick edition has 8 iridescent shades. You can choose what kind of color that fulfills your need. Moreover, the liquid Maybelline Lipstick will give you creamy balm and it is different with other lip color.

Maybelline Lipstick the shade edition

If you have dry lip, this product is pretty suitable. Other plus point of this product also give you special brush for applying this lip color. You can apply this Maybelline Lipstick in easy way.

Applying Maybelline lipstick with applicator wand starting from the center of your lip until to the upper lip, because applying from center will make your lip color applied well. After you done applying in upper lip, you may start applying at the bottom lip .

There is several type of Maybelline Lipstick shade, start from nude, peach and coral shade. They are very suitable to accompany your daily activity.

Maybelline Lipstick cherry pink edition

Nude Shade

Nude is for everyone. You can choose brown nude, pinky and peachy nude. All nude type that you choose depends on your skin tone. This great color is good for smoky eye. If you have bright skin, this is proper for you.

Peach Shade

Peach shade will be great for women who have exotic skin color, here you should avoid it like the vague. If you do not avoid it, you will look ill. It will be great applied if you combine with strong makeup such brown and peach eye shadow.

Coral Shade

If you choose this shade, actually it will be OK because it is suitable for neutral or warm skin tone. Neutral means you have to combine eye shadow whether pink or yellow in your skin. Warm brown or soft charcoal eye shadow is also will be pretty for you.

Maybelline Lipstick matte edition

Maybelline latest Lipstick edition

Maybelline Lipstick with rose color

hot red Maybelline Lip color

Maybelline Lipstick with liquid brush

the latest Maybelline Lipstick edition

Maybelline Lipstick 14 hours moisture

Maybelline Lipstick for daily activity

Maybelline Lipstick with elegant color

Maybelline Lipstick for teenage

Maybelline Lipstick color sensational

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