Nivea Lip Butter “Beauty and Healthy”

Lip-butter is not popular as lipstick. This cosmetic does not have color, that’s more natural and shiny. Since the function of this product is to moisturize and giving an extra vitamin . Mostly women who have dry layer and love natural appearance, they will prefer this product than lipstick. Nivea lip butter is one of recommended beauty product that will give a healthy and beauty look. Besides, it also gives protective layer and make the texture smoother.

Furthermore, Nivea lip butter is provided in several variants. They are original, raspberry rose, caramel cream, vanilla & macadamia, blueberry blush, coconut, and cocoa. Three new products that recently launched are coconut, cocoa, and blueberry blush. If you hear the name of Nivea lip butter variants, it seems like kind of food. Fortunately, it teases you to try this product.

Nivea Lip Butter blueberry blush

Nivea Lip Butter Coconut

Nivea lip butter coconut is kind of aromatic treatment that gives coconut sensation for you. Actually, this product is developed for long-lasting moisture, trendy flavor and unique. This product will restore moisture balance and creating smooth and glossy appearance. Applying this product is not difficult as lipstick; you only need to use your finger to know how much quantity you need.

Nivea Lip Butter Cocoa

Nivea lip butter cocoa is one of moisturizing product that has cocoa flavor and aroma. These products improve the health of your lips. Long-lasting moisture will gives balance moisturizing and adds silky touch on it. Aromatic cocoa really teases you like a chocolate.

coconut Nivea Lip Butter

The Blueberry Blush

As blueberry aromatic lover, you can find blueberry flavor here. So, you can get blueberry sensation from this product to moisture your dry lips. Then, there is no specific color, means you still in natural appearance. Moreover, it is trendy flavor, aromatic and it also designed for long-lasting moisture.

From explanation above, Nivea lip butter has several variants that mostly in fruits aromatic. At a glance, those products seem like food, especially candy as they have sweet aroma/smell.

Nivea Lip Butter best brand

Nivea Lip Butter varied taste

Nivea Lip Butter for beauty and healthy

Nivea Lip Butter cocoa edition

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