NYX lipstick The Latest Edition

Various lipsticks will make your day in different color. Many lip color products offers you the best outfit to build your confidence. NYX lipstick is kind of product that offers you with amazing touch of its color. This brand has special product such as Matte lip-color, High Voltage, Wicked Lippies and Glam Aqua Luxe.

Those products above are kind of NYX lipstick which has special effect for your lip pigment. If you love soft color for natural appearance, Matte edition from this brand is the best choice for you. It has various shades that can fulfill your need such Nude, Hippie Chic, Summer Breeze, Pure Red, and others.

NYX lipstick butter edition

Fresh and beautiful appearance will be perfect if you combine your makeup with Hippie Chic lipstick from Matte NYX lipstick. This lip-color is suitable for you who have bright skin as you will get flawless outfit if you apply this on your lip. Besides, young soul is reflected from your appearance if you applied this lip color.

Nude is commonly shade that used by women. Soft color makes your appearance looking natural and fresh. This color also suitable for bright skin too. Simple and relax style but still keep in touch with elegant nuance will be perfect if you combine your make up with nude shade of your lip-color.

Next product of NYX product is Wicked Lippies. It is velvety smooth lip pigment with a dazzling metallic finish. When you applied it on your lip, it will leave ultimate spellbinding look. Actually Wicked Lippies of NYX lipstick has different and amazing shade color. It has 12 shimmering shades. This is suitable for party event or other event which has unique theme such as fairy tale event or others. Strong performance is also presented well from its color.

NYX lipstick latest edition

Then, it will be contrast with Glam Aqua Luxe. It is kind of NYX lipstick product that represent soft and glitter combination touch. It is suitable for party. Moreover this lip color will totally give you girly side very well. Soft and elegant touch will be reflected here and your lip looks like sexy. This product only has 13 shimmering shade.

In short, Glam Aqua Luxe and Matte Lipstick are suitable for sweet appearance with soft and natural touch. Both products of NYX lipstick will make you in different color while you are attending some event or party. But, if you want to join Halloween party, Wicked Lippies is the right choice for you.

NYX lipstick best color

NYX lipstick Glam edition

NYX lipstick best matte colors

NYX lipstick the whole product

NYX lipstick matte edition

varied NYX lipstick ideas

NYX lipstick varied colors

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