Essential Real Techniques Brushes from Sephora

With makeup essentials comes its partner and crime: makeup tools. Now that you have all the products that you need for a basic makeup look, it’s time to pair them with some brushes that will help apply them flawlessly.

Just like with your basic essential products, you need to be smart about the tools that you purchase since you’ll probably have to get more than a few all at once. You’ve got to make sure that you’re getting some products that won’t break the bank but will also provide you the quality that you need.

Real Techniques is a fairly new brand in the makeup business developed by YouTubers, makeup artists, and beauty gurus Sam and Nic Chapman, but it has quickly amassed a massive following of fellow YouTubers, makeup artists, beauty gurus, and makeup enthusiasts. This is because of the amazing quality of their makeup tools and brushes at such an affordable price. Tons of people even claim that it’s even better than the high-end stuff!

Real Techniques is the perfect brand when you’re getting your starter kit of makeup products and tools. Not only is it really affordable, their line of makeup brushes are also complete with all the essentials that you could possibly need so you don’t need to look elsewhere for something that they might not have. Most importantly, this brand has amazing quality so you’ll get just what you paid for and more.

Here is a list of brushes and makeup tools you should definitely get from Real Techniques by Sephora to complete your starter kit.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Technically, this isn’t really a brush, but it’s on the top of the list of “must-gets” from Real Techniques because it is just so good. If you want a dupe for the Beauty Blender that gives just the same finish, go for the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.

It’s super soft and expands about two times its size when you soak it with water. That is a very important step, so don’t forget to wet your sponge each time before you use it! To use it, squeeze out all the excess water until you’re left with just a slightly damp sponge. Then, just go ahead and pick up some foundation with your sponge and start blending it on your face with dabbing motions. You can also use this sponge for concealer or any other cream products for the skin. It’ll give you the most natural and gorgeous finish with still tons of coverage.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Now, if you’re more of a brush person than a sponge person when it comes to applying your foundation, the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush might be more your style. This is definitely a well-loved foundation brush in the beauty community. It has even won some awards, it’s that good.

This brush is perfect for foundation because of its dense and tightly packed bristles. This brush gives off the best finish when you use it to really buff in the product on your face. Dip your brush onto your liquid foundation and just start buffing it into the skin using circular motions. This gives you a smooth and seamless application and finish with no streakiness or caking.

Real Techniques Powder Brush

Every makeup enthusiast needs a good ‘ole, massive powder brush. Powder brushes are just meant to be super fluffy and soft to lightly dust some powder onto your whole face. It’s not meant to be dense or firm like a foundation brush as to not pack on so much product and the size is a great way to have a quick powder of your whole face. The Real Techniques Powder Brush definitely nails those features.

The Real Techniques powder brush is, quite frankly, huge and super fluffy. It literally feels like you are using a cloud on your face. It’s perfect for a light dusting of powder all over the face because it won’t cake or pile on the product on your skin. Just lightly swirl the brush around in your loose or compact powder, tap off the excess, and dust it all over your face. It’s super quick because of the size and it also won’t waste product or pack on too much on your face.

Real Techniques Blush Brush

A good blush brush is always needed to complete your makeup brush essentials. You can’t exactly use a huge powder brush or a dense foundation brush to apply your blusher. One should have the perfect brush to define those cheeks and those cheeks only. Real Techniques have produced the perfect brush for all your blush needs.

The Real techniques Blush Brush works so well because of its tapered bristles that aren’t too dense but aren’t too sparse either. You want a brush that will pick up just the right amount of product so that you can just lightly dust some color on your cheeks without it looking patchy or even clown-like. The tapered bristles as well as the fluffiness of the brush will make sure that your blush will glide on smoothly on your cheeks and pick just the right amount of product up. Lightly pick up some product with the brush by dipping it in, tap off the excess, and gently dust it on your cheeks for that perfect flush of color.

Real Techniques Setting Brush

A setting brush is for those areas that you want to concentrate on and not get any product elsewhere on your face. It’s basically for those finishing touches and more accuracy to target specific areas. You can use it to powder your just your t-zone if your skin is dry in other areas or you can use it for highlighting or “baking”. The Real Techniques Setting Brush is the last brush to complete your essential brushes for skin.

The Real Techniques Setting Brush is small but super fluffy and soft, perfect for getting those areas where you want to set or highlight. It’s not dense so you’ll get just the right amount of product on your brush and its size is perfect for controlled dusting of powder products like setting powder or highlighter. Simply swirl your brush in the product of choice and lightly brush your t-zone, the top of your cheeks, cupid’s bow, or under your eyes.

Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush

Now that you’ve completed your skin brush set, it’s time for the eyes! An essential brush for any eye look is a good base shadow brush. This will pick up lots of product and really pack on the color all over your eyelid. Your base color needs to really show up and to really stick on your lid so that you don’t get any creasing and so you have a nice and smooth canvas to work with other colors. This base brush from Real Techniques is the perfect one to start you off with your “eye” collection.

The Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush is small with tightly packed and dense bristles for maximum product pick up. This is great for packing on that base shadow or even a powder pigment on your lid. The best way to use this brush is to dip it in the shadow or pigment of your choice and tap it gently onto your closed lid. Don’t swipe or brush it in too much to prevent the shadow from sliding around or falling out underneath your eyes. Make sure that you’ve got a nice foundation for your crease colors and other shadows you may want to add to your look.

Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush

For eye shadow, the key tip is to blend, blend, blend! You don’t need to be super precise with the application of your shadows, but the most important thing is to blend them all out and create a gradient and soft look. The base is for pigment and packing on product, while the crease color should be blended out and soft-looking. This crease brush from Real Techniques is going to be your best friend when it comes to blending.

The Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush is super soft, oversized, and really fluffy. It is perfect for blending out that crease color for subtle definition and a nice gradient. Just dip your crease brush into your darker crease color and apply it to your eyes while blending in small circular motions. Even if you’re not super great at creating eye looks, very well-blended eye shadow will make it look like you really know what you’re doing. So, if you put on a bit too much product or if you apply it wonkily, just keep blending with a fluffy brush like the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush.

Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush

If you love gel or cream eyeliners or any kind of eye liners that come in a pot and with no brush (or come with a brush that’s totally cheap and useless), then a fine liner brush will totally be something that you’ll need. Eyeliner is hard enough to do on its own, you don’t really need a wonky brush to make things even harder for you. This fine liner brush from Real Techniques will make sure that you have a quality and precise tool to work with.

The Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush is a really unique and innovative new take on a fine liner brush. It’s not actually a “brush” but the tip that you will be using to apply liner with is silicone. This means that you won’t have to deal with bristles going awry when you’re applying your liner. You can go frontwards, backwards, and any which way without the bristles separating and ruining your hard work. Bonus: it also does not absorb any product so there’ll be even less waste! It’s also super thin and pointy for that extra precise line. This one is great for winged liner or even just a thin line to define the lash line. Simply dip your silicone liner brush in your eyeliner of choice and start lining your eyes!

Real Techniques Brow Brush

What a girl really needs is a trusty brow brush that will do the job. Brow pencils are convenient and all, but the downside to them is that they tend to pull out hairs from your actual brow while you’re applying it, which is just no good at all. It is way better for your brows if you start using a brush and some powder or pomade product to define them. This offering from Real Techniques will be an essential tool in your makeup bag.

The Real Techniques Brow Brushstiff and dense with the bristles cut at an angle, which is just how a brow brush should be. The stiff and dense bristles means that it will pick up a lot of product and will deposit the pigment easily on your brows. The angled bristles also make life a lot easier by helping define the brows even better. Just dip your brush in the brow product of your choice and start filling in your brows by using a light hand and short strokes.

Find the Right Tools

Makeup just isn’t makeup without the right kind of tools to go along with it. You can have amazing makeup products in your possession but without the tools to apply them with, you might just end up looking like a hot mess.

Thankfully, Real Techniques have heard our prayers and made amazing quality brushes with all the essentials that you could possibly need for a price that won’t break the bank! Go ahead and find these essential brushes for your starter kit in your local Sephora and get your makeup on fleek!

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