Revlon Colorstay “24 Hours Beauty”

Now, when any makeup product claims to have “24 hour” lasting power, it’s always a bit fishy because what makeup product actually lasts 24 hours? And who would actually want to wear makeup for that long? A whole day, sure, but 24 hours is a bit long.

However, it is a bit comforting to know that if you’re having a long day (and night!) out, you’ll still look good at the end of it. Long lasting foundations are also essential for big occasions that last a while such as weddings, birthday celebrations, and other important ceremonies. You don’t exactly want your makeup to last a whole 24 hours, but it’d be nice if stayed on until you took it off until the end of the night.

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The Product

The Revlon 24 Hour Color Stay Foundation claims to have 24 hours of wear but still give you that flawless and lightweight finish. Sounds great, right? A lot of people actually really love this foundation already, so let’s see if it really does hold up and does what it claims.

It also says that this foundation has SPF 15, which is great if you’re a bit lazy to put on sunblock on your face (which you shouldn’t!). However, foundations with SPF in them often have “flashback” or basically, you can see a white sheen all over your face in pictures. This doesn’t apply to all, though, so let’s see in the next couple of sections what happens.

This review is going to be about the Revlon 24 Hour Color Stay Foundation for combination/oily skin in 150 Buff. However, they do have a formula for normal to dry skin and a shade range of 20 with fair and dark colors.

The Packaging

The packaging is alright. It’s a glass bottle with a black screw on lid. Basic foundation packaging. However, the downside to this is that the Revlon 24 Hour Color Stay does not come with a pump. That kind of sucks because it will for sure get messy as time goes on, it’s extremely inconvenient, and it wastes product.

The pump, however, is available to be purchased separately and with the price of this foundation, I guess it’s understandable that they didn’t put a pump in. It really is a great drugstore price.

If you have any old foundations lying around that have pumps that come with them, try and screw one on the Revlon bottle and see if it fits. There have been rumors that pumps of other foundations can fit on the bottle. Can’t hurt to try it out, right?

The Application

The Revlon 24 Hour Color Stay is quite thick in consistency. Once you pump it (or pour it messily) on the back of your hand, it won’t be drippy or runny. This might be because it is full coverage and a little goes a very long way.

Once you start applying it onto your face, it definitely is super creamy and you can tell that it sets easily. Make sure that you blend it all in fast and not let little spots of foundation linger to set on your face. Once it sets, you’ll have to get it off with a makeup wipe or some makeup remover and start on that part of your face again, which isn’t fun. So definitely, blend, blend, blend!

The Revlon 24 Hour Color Stay is fairly easy to blend. While it’s still wet, of course. Even though it is super thick, it still spreads out on the face nicely, leaving everything evenly covered and blended. It also is true that a little goes a very long way, so be careful of putting too much product on! Barely one pump will already give your face a nice coverage.

The Finish

A lot of people, including Revlon itself, claim that the finish of this foundation is matte. However, I feel like it’s not too matte. It’s definitely not dewy, glowy, or a satin finish, but it’s not too matte that it looks flat on the face. It still gives off a nice sheen even when it’s dry.

This foundation is definitely full coverage and buildable. One coat of this stuff is already great at covering imperfections and dark spots, however, if you want super full coverage, you can still build it up without it getting too cakey as long as you’re not too liberal with the amount you put on.

Once it sets, you’ll definitely be able to tell. It goes a little bit more matte (but still not too matte) and it’s not sticky or liquidy to the touch anymore, a bit powdery.

The feel of it isn’t too heavy, but it’s not as lightweight as they make it out to be. It is full coverage so you’re bound to feel like you’re wearing something on the face. It does have a nice finish, though. Not cakey, a bit matte, but not flat.

Lasting Power

The lasting power of this claims to be 24 hours. Now, I don’t really know if there is an actual foundation that lasts that long, but this might very well hold up to its title!

What’s super great about it is that it has absolutely no transfer and it’s even smudge proof! If you’re planning on hugging anyone and smooshing your face in their shirt, this is the foundation you should be wearing as it really does not budge.revlon 24 hour color stay

It’s also waterproof which is kind of amazing. If, for some reason, you want your foundation to stay on underwater or even through rain or humidity and sweat, this will be the perfect choice. Underwater photoshoot, anyone?

Last but not least, the lasting power of this is definitely all day long. Once it sets, it is locked on there and will stay on until you want to take it off. This is great for all night long parties, long weddings, and night outs. You’ll notice a bit of wearing off as time goes on, but not too much. You’ll still be looking fresh.

The Verdict

This foundation might just be one of the best drugstore foundations out there. You wouldn’t even think it was drugstore. If you just put it on your face without knowing what it was, you’d definitely think that it was super expensive and a high-end brand.

This foundation is definitely worth repurchasing over and over again. If you have any big occasions that you want your makeup to last ages and keep you looking fresh or if you have super oily skin and foundation won’t really last on you, the Revlon 24 Hour Color Stay is definitely something you should try out.

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