Revlon The First Cosmetic in United State

Do you know that Revlon is the only one cosmetic product which really famous in 1970? Yes, that question is right. This is the first cosmetic in United State. When the product launched, it used “Naomi Sims” the model of Africa as the model in promoting the product. Revlon itself is popular company which has office center in New York. It produces skincare, fragrances, and personal care.

This company was founded in 1932 by Jospeh and Charles Revson, Charles Lachman. And until at this time Revlon is one of brands which is demanded by women in the world. If you are woman who want natural beauty and flawless appearance, try to use this brand as an alternative choice for your cosmetic.

Revlon offers you varieties products that will care your need. Such as eyes make-up, nail, face, perfume, skin and personal care actually. Of course this product was guaranteed and best quality. It is precious product for women. So, when you will be in front of public, always use their product because it will make you being special and always chic.

Revlon limited collection

Revlon Cosmetic

There are lots of cosmetic products which are offered by Revlon to make your face more beautiful, starting from foundation, lipstick, nail polish, and fragrances. Maybe you are one of people who feel not confident when you used foundation.

Foundation is needed by women to make them become beautiful. This brand produces new product; Revlon Nearly Naked Make-Up foundation. It is famous foundation. If you used it, you will be more confident. Then, this foundation was priced $10.5 only, it will save your money right?

Revlon for brown skin edition


In contrast, this mascara will make your eyes more chic and charming. With luxurious packing, it becomes women’s belle. You can have this item with $11.6 and you can get this mascara which labeled Revlon Photo Ready 3D Volume Mascara. This mascara is one of best product from this company which has best quality.

Mascara is also capable in doubling the thickness of your eyelashes. So you will look more beautiful. Moreover this brand also produces Lipstick. Of course your sexy lips will look much prettier when you used Revlon Colorstay Moisture Lip Stain. With combination formula Vitamin E and Aloe, it will be very good Lipstick.

Revlon nail polish ideas

In addition, beside the quality and most importantly, do not irritate the lips. With exclusive color combinations such as LA, Rio Rush, Milan Moment, and others that will make you more beautiful and perfectionist.

Therefore, use cosmetic make-up which has high quality and useful for your skin. Of course by choosing this product you will make you-self precious.

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Revlon first cosmetic in United State

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