Simple Way to Get the Best Prom Makeup

Attending special event especially dance party or prom will lead you to show off your beautiful outfit. Absolutely you have to apply any cosmetic in your face, such as foundation, powder, eye shadow, eyeliner, lip color and mascara. Those cosmetics become the best makeup for your beauty need.

soft prom makeup for teenage

Going to official event need the perfect style even in clothes and makeup. You must decide the suitable and best makeup for your face. If you want to get the best result of your makeup, you can hire the professional makeup artist. But if you want to do your prom makeup in your home, you can practice through some videos in internet.

stunning prom makeup ideas

The benefit of makeup for prom is building your confident while you are in that party. You need to consider several cosmetic especially colors combinations. Make it sure that any cosmetics that you choose are categorized in evening makeup as dance party always hold in the night. I am not an expert in makeup skill, but here i would like to share the best makeup for prom that will help you in getting the flawless outfit. Here several tips in choosing makeup for prom.

prom makeup for white skin

First, let’s discuss about makeup for prom especially for eyes. Eyes are main part that will make your appearance look more different. You have to make your lashes thicker and charming. Next, you have applied eye shadow and eyeliner. For eye shadow, you have to choose flawless colors combination for example purple, silver white, and black or combination between gold, dark brown and black. Those colors are suitable for evening makeup that able make your appearance look so perfect.

prom makeup by Meggan

Best prom makeup by Meggan

Second is about lip color. You have to choose strong color from your lipstick and don’t forget to choose long-lasting lipstick. Red, black honey and peach matte are also suitable for prom makeup. You should adjust the color between your dress, makeup concept and lipstick. The most essential point is you have to choose lip color product that has good quality.

best prom makeup for you

In addition, you have to choose the right shade for your foundation and powder. That’s depend on your skin color. If you have dark skin color, it would be perfect to choose honey foundation and powder. On this bellow picture you may choose the suitable foundation and powder for your skin and for how you want to be.

the right foundation for prom makeup

best eyeshadow combination for prom makeup

prom makeup for brown skin

light eyeshadow for prom makeup

vintage prom makeup concept

unique prom makeup lashes

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