The Most Stylish Clutch Bag for Parties and Events

When going to a party, a black tie event, a formal event, or even clubbing, your normal everyday handbag just won’t cut it. You don’t really want to be carrying around a bulky bag that will hinder your movements and take away the glam from your outfit. On these occasions, a clutch bag is going to be your best friend.

It is small and fits right in the palm of your hand so you don’t have a heavy bag slinging around as you move. Not only is a clutch bag a convenient little storage pocket for a few essentials, it has also become quite the fashion accessory to complement your outfit.

Much like a great pair of shoes or some gorgeous jewelry, a chic and glamorous clutch bag can instantly add more elegance to your outfit. Picking out a clutch to match your ensemble can be quite fun but a bit difficult.

To help you out with that, here are some of the most stylish and chic designer clutch bags that will complement your whole look once you are all dressed up.

Rebecca Minkoff Metallic Leo Clutch

Metallic everything is basically so trendy and in right now. Metallic looks are so modern and can give you space girl vibes while still looking classy and elegant. Not to mention, it’s just so pretty to look at, isn’t it? This clutch from Rebecca Minkoff is gorgeous, trendy, and perfect for those who are crazy about the metallic craze.

The Rebecca Minkoff Metallic Leo Clutch is 100% leather and comes in 4 metallic colors: gold, gunmetal, metallic pink, and rose gold. It’s an envelope clutch that’s not too structured, which means it’s more flexible than a hard case type clutch. Those who like a softer bag to carry around will like this a lot more. It’s not too small either, just the perfect size to put a few essentials in like a phone, some lipstick, powder, and it even has 6 card slots inside for your credit cards. The look of this bag is certainly an eye-catching one and is sure to turn some heads at your big event.

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Michael Kors Women’s Mercer Leather Clutch

Michael Kors is known for its simple and understated designs that still bring a lot of class to a look. Their designs are for those who want a classic bag that will complement and not overpower their outfit. This Michael Kors clutch bag is perfect for a lady that wants a simple but sophisticated looking bag to tote around while dressed to the nines.

The Michael Kors Women’s Mercer Leather Clutch is 100% leather with classy gold-tone hardware. It’s a soft clutch that’s flexible and easy to hold in your hand. It also has the convenience of having a wrist strap, so if you want to go hands-free, you can simply let it hang on your wrist. The actual bag is not too small either, so you can easily fit your essentials in, and it also has 6 card slots. This clutch from Michael Kors is classy, simple, and elegant, the perfect accessory to go with a bangin’ outfit.

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Ted Baker Alivia Hardcase Evening Bag

For that super special occasion, sometimes, you just need that extra bit of sophistication to match your formal ensemble. A hard case clutch bag with elegant details might be more your style when it comes to these kinds of occasions. This clutch from Ted Baker will surely fit your formal needs.

The Ted Baker Alivia Hardcase Evening Bag is a structured clutch that will give your essentials more space inside. It’s got a faux gem at the clasp to add some sparkle and to give it more of a formal vibe. It’s convertible, so you can either carry it around in your hand as a clutch bag or take out the chain and wear it as a cross body or shoulder bag. This clutch is simple and a bit smaller as to not distract too much from what you’re wearing, perfect for weddings, cotillions, and other formal events. It still will hold some your necessities such as a phone, a card, some blotting paper, or a tube of lipstick, while still looking elegant and smart.

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Betesy Johnson Lock WOS Love Letter Crossbody Clutch Purse

Betesy Johnson is infamous for her fun and occasionally crazy designs in fashion. Her pieces are for those girls who like to take more risks and like something that’s a bit more fun and exciting to wear. A fun clutch can be a great way to spice up a plain outfit. This Betsy Johnson clutch is so cute, you’ll definitely turn some heads.

The Betesy Johnson Lock WOS Love Letter Crossbody Clutch Purse is 100% adorable and completely unique. Its design is inspired by a “love letter” with black and white “notebook lines” running through the whole bag. It also has the signature Betesy Johnson envelope hardware as the clasp. This clutch is convertible so you can choose to sling it on your shoulder or detach the chain straps and carry it around like a traditional clutch bag. This is really more of a wallet than an actual bag. It has 2 compartments where you can put your money, cards, and identification in, but you can probably fit your phone in there as well if it’s a small one.

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Valentino Rockstud Clutch

Valentino is known for its sophisticated but edgy designs with their signature studs that will catch just about anyone’s eye. When people see those studs, one immediately knows which brand and designer it is from. This clutch from Valentino is such a classic and it will definitely make you feel like a million bucks.

The Valentino Rockstud clutch is signature Valentino with 100% leather material for the bag and the iconic studs that immediately identifies it as the luxury brand. This is a soft-type clutch bag which you can easily grip with your hand, but it also has a convenient wrist strap, which is also lined with the signature studs, so you can go hands-free if ever you get tired of holding on to your bag. It also means that you won’t lose or leave it anywhere so easily.

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Right in Your Clutches

A woman has got to have the right clutch bag for the right occasion, but a woman also needs a clutch bag to match her personality and personal style. It’s good to invest in a quality clutch bag. I mean, you never know when you’re going to have a Cinderella moment, right? A clutch bag will make all the difference carrying around your necessities while being a fashion statement of its own. It is just as much an accessory as jewellery and shoes.

Whether you’re more of a classic, simple, and understated kind of gal, or someone who likes to be edgier and take more fashion risks, this list will give you an idea of what top brands, designs, and designers you can choose from that will give you quality, class, and luxury. If you feel like a million bucks, you will definitely look like a million bucks, as well.


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