The Body Shop “Body Butter”

Beautiful and clean skins are a dream from every woman. So that’s why there are so many beauty cosmetics. Mostly women often try new product of beauty cosmetic that has its excellence, starting from powder, mascara, lip color, soap, skincare and others product.

The Body Shop Body Butter is one of beauty care that able make your skin become soft and creamy. It is a substitution item for soap, you can use this item while you are taking shower. So, you can clean and give extra caring for yourself with the body shop butter with perfect result. There are several types of this products;

Shea Edition

Shea Butter is one of their product that able make your skin creamy and healthy. It has delicious taste that represents nutty scent. It has strong scent that look like a food. Shea butter is very suitable for dry skin. It will make your skin creamy and smooth. Then, get the healthy skin by using this item. If you love nutty scent, this item will give you nutty smell very well.

The Body Shop best butter edition

Coconut Scent

Coconut butter is one of the body shop that has coconut scent. This butter gives nutrition and makes your skin healthier. It is very proper used by for people who have dry skin or normal. Tropical coconut scent is special smell that able make you relax and enjoyable.

Strawberry with 24 Hour Protection

Strawberry butter is one of the body shop product which presents strawberry scent. This product is rich for healthy formula that able makes your skin become creamy. Sweet taste of strawberry is greatly present well. It is 24 hour hydration, perfect for normal to dry skin.

The Body Shop body butter

Various body butters are provided to fulfill your skin need. Making your skin become beautiful, healthy, and clean are not easy as you thought. Applying the body shop butter will give you additional point than soap. Smooth and creamy sensation will be gotten from this product. Besides, it gives much nutrition for your skin need. Shea, coconut, and strawberry butter are representative product of the body shop butter, it give long lasting protection for your skin.

The Body Shop best gift

The Body Shop glazzed apple

The Body Shop best skin caring

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The Body Shop tea tree edition

all about The Body Shop butter

all about The Body Shop

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