The Latest Party Dresses for Women: Office Edition

Who doesn’t love a good party once in a while? If you are a working girl, then you will already know that the office, company, and the people at work love having a cheeky little soiree every now and then. Work related events and parties, however, are a little bit different from your normal nights out or a casual party. For these work related events, of course, you still want to look fashionable, but you also want to look professional, polished, and put together.

Making a good impression with the way you carry yourself and dress yourself in social events really makes an impact on how your professional career and relationships progress. You may just get that much closer to that promotion you’ve been wanting and make a good impression on both your bosses and work mates if they see how put together, fashionable, and professional you look.

This is especially important if you go to a fancy work related event where clients and bosses are going to be there or even some office parties where you will get to interact with your bosses and peers in a non-business related situation.

So, the question is, what is an a appropriate party dress to wear to a work related event that’s not too casual, not too revealing, but also still fashionable, professional, elegant, and something that will match your fashion sense and personality? Here are the latest on-trend party dresses that will totally make you look like the most fashionable working girl out there.


Floerns Women’s Floral Print Sleeveless Split Cocktail Party Bodycon Dress

This dress from Floerns is conservative but still cute, fun, and fashionable. Almost anybody can get a fit that is very flattering on your body type.

The fit gives it a sexier vibe while the design of the high neck makes it still classy and conservative and the floral design makes it still young and fun. This silhouette is definitely versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. This is great for any casual work events but can still be elegant and dressed up with the right accessories for fancier parties. The dress also has a slit in the back so even though it is a slim fit, you will still be able to walk and move around comfortably in it.


Floerns Women’s Floral Ruffle Off Shoulder Party Sexy Bodycon Dress

This dress is another fun but work appropriate choice from Floerns. If you have been keeping up with the latest fashion trends, you will know that off shoulder pieces have been revived and they are all the rage lately.

If you’re not too into something revealing, an off shoulder piece is a great way to show some skin without going too daring. The Floerns Women’s Floral Ruffle Off Shoulder Party Sexy Bodycon Dress is a flirty, fun, colorful, and young little piece that’s still appropriate for work related shindigs. It has a cute off shoulder ruffle design, a sexy body con silhouette, a colorful floral print all over, and it’s knee length which still gives you that classy, polished look. This dress is definitely eye catching and super fun but the design still fits right in with a professional vibe.


V’SHOW Women’s Cocktail Dress High Neck Lace Dress

Who can go wrong with some good old lace? The V’Show Women’s Cocktail Dress High Neck Lace Dress is super classy, simple, but still has the little details to make it unique and eye catching. It has a halter neck that’s really flattering and elegant looking for any body type, a sleek body con fit, its full lace overlay catches the eye with its subtle details, and the length cuts off just right above the knee which means that you may be fairly covered with the halter design, but you’ll still be able to show some leg as to not keep you too covered.

The hem and the halter tap both have some lovely scalloped lace details that’s sweet and sexy at the same time. At the back, there is a long cutout from the neck to the middle of the back which gives it a sexy peekaboo look. This dress is classy with some surprise sexiness to it without being too overt. Perfect for feeling good about yourself but still looking classy and professional at a work event.


Sexy Party Dress Hemlock Women Long Sleeve Dress Short Evening Dress

Looking for something a little more laid back and casual? The Sexy Party Dress Hemlock Women Long Sleeve Dress Short Evening Dress is casual, super flowy, and comfortable. It’s designed like a sweater dress with the long sleeves that cut off just in the middle of the palm to give it that cozy look with a flowing body and hem that you can cinch up with a belt at the waist or leave it as is for a more laid back bohemian look.

Since it is quite loose, it has a flattering v neckline and the hem is a bit shorter and ends mid-thigh so that it won’t look overly big or like you’re drowning in too much fabric. This dress is perfect for those casual work events but you can also dress it up by wearing the right accessories and shoes.


Taydey Women’s Midi Dresses Sleeveless Knee Length Party Evening Dress

Classy and sexy are two things that definitely go perfectly together. The Taydey Women’s Midi Dresses Sleeveless Knee Length Party Evening Dress is the perfect mix between the two. This has quite a high neck and a hem that comes down to midi length so it still keeps you quite covered but the fit of this dress is quite body con and produces a really sexy silhouette that will get heads turning.

The design is super simple but still elegant and will still make you look like a complete professional while giving you that sexy vibe with the body con fit that just emphasizes all your curves. This design is simple enough for a casual event but classy enough that it can totally be dressed up and worn to a fancier soiree.


Chase Secret Womens Casual Flared Swing Party Cocktail Formal Skater Dress

Who says fun and simple can’t mix and can’t both be in a dress? The Chase Secret Womens Casual Flared Swing Party Cocktail Formal Skater Dress is a fun but simple and classy take on a cocktail party dress. It’s got the off-shoulder neckline design that is just very in right now and flattering on any body type, it has a fitted bodice and flares out at the bottom in a “mullet” design with the front hem a bit shorter and the back hem longer.

This dress will definitely make you feel confident, fun, and sexy but still very work appropriate. If you feel like dancing a bit, this is definitely appropriate for that and will look amazing flowing around as you move. This is perfect for some smart casual or even some formal and fancier events but will also look cute as a casual skater dress.


Oxiuly Women’s Vintage Patchwork Pockets Puffy Swing Casual Party Dress OX16

Wearing a vintage dress is always a fun way to pay tribute to the different eras of fashion, not to mention, they also just look classic and amazing. This Oxiuly Women’s Vintage Patchwork Pockets Puffy Swing Casual Party Dress will definitely give you some classic 50s fashion vibe. This has a high o-neckline with a fitted bodice, long sleeves, and a flared out skirt that ends at about midi length.

It’s quite a conservative design because it is 50s inspired, but the fit of it is still super classy and flattering. The skirt flares out to some fun and eye catching prints that will bring some color and fun to your whole ensemble. This is another perfect dress to just feel comfortable in, move around in, and dance in but still looking like a polished professional. And one big bonus, it even has pockets!


HOMEYEE Women’s Vintage Chic Sleeveless Cocktail Party Dress

Vintage just seems to be coming back in style and super on trend at the moment, so here is another vintage dress for you. The Homeyee Women’s vintage Chic Sleeveless Cocktail Party Dress is quite a bit different from the previous vintage dress on this list. This has a more mature and a bit of a dressier vibe.

It has the signature 50s A-line silhouette with the fitted bodice and flared out skirt. This has a sleeveless lace mesh covering the neckline with a sweetheart bustier. This makes for a classy and sexy look and of course, still gives off that elegant professional vibe. This can be worn to fancier occasions but can be dressed down for casual events, as well.


Missmay Women’s Vintage 1950s Style 3/4 Sleeve Black Lace Flare A-line Dress

Keeping up with our vintage theme, here is another option for you. The Mismay Women’s Vintage 1950s Style ¾ Sleeve Black Lace Flare A-line Dress is super classy, chic, and fashionable. It has the classic and iconic 1950s A-line design with the midi length flared out skirt and fitted spaghetti strap top.

It has a unique design of a sheer lace overlay over the top part with a ¾ style sleeve, an “invisible” button down that is functional and can be unbuttoned and buttoned, and a collar. It also a belt piece that has a decorative buckle and cinches up your waist for an incredibly flattering look. This dress is super classy and grown up looking and definitely will impress your peers and make you look like the professional that you are. Who says collars don’t go on a dress? This is perfect for that fancy business event or even smart casual events.


ACEVOG Women’s Off Shoulder Lace Dress Long Sleeve Bodycon Casual Dress

Steering away from the vintage style but still staying on the path of lace, the Acevog Women’s Off Shoulder Lace Dress Long Sleeve Bodycon Casual Dress is a modern, trendy, sexy, but still classy choice for your business related special occasions. This has the hottest trend right now which is the off shoulder neckline.

The dress is a body con fit that’s super flattering and emphasizes all your curves in a subtle and sexy way. This has a full lace overlay over the whole dress with a solid tube dress design underneath and with the lace sheering out at the sleeves and shoulders making for a nice contrast. The hem comes down to just below mid-thigh so you’ll still get to show off your legs without it being too overly short and the design is sexy but still sweet and feminine. This is perfect for some dressier cocktail events and will surely catch some eyes but still make you look polished and professional.


Dress for Success!

Fashion is definitely super fun and a great interest and hobby for many. However, it’s not just for fun that you can do it, the way you dress can also have a significant impact on how you present yourself to others and how you make an impression. This is incredibly important especially if you are a working girl. Impressing your peers, bosses, and clients with how you dress and put yourself together can further your career and give you more success.

Working for a living can sometimes require you to attend certain business related events or even just the office throwing a cheeky little party to celebrate milestones or occasions. For these moments, you definitely have to be prepared and have the appropriate attire that will not only satisfy your fashion needs, but also make you look like you have dressed for success.

We hope this list of affordable but fashionable party dresses is helpful. They will surely impress your colleagues but also make you feel and look confidently beautiful.

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