The Perfect Makeup for Oily Skin

Generally, Oily skin will be a problem for women. Based on the fact, mostly women who have oily face will found a problem while they do make-up. Several difficulties in applying cosmetic also faced by them because face which produce oil very much and will give effect to make up outfit.

So, you need to be careful in choosing the best Makeup for oily skin. Indeed, type of this skin will bring you to less confidence. Have you seen woman in several event who looks like not confidence again when their make-up getting broke? Especially it is caused by oil production on her face.

Well, oily is common case which often faced by women over the world and absolutely every woman wants to get perfect performance in any side. No need to worry about this problem, although you often get temporary flawless outfit from cosmetic that you used.

Makeup for Oily Skin natural foundation

Actually this problem could be handled, therefore here several tips and things for you that should be considered. So you can keep your fresh performance though you come in oily skin category. Here several suggestions to choose perfect makeup for oily skin:

First, you should avoid solid powder as a part of makeup for oily skin. Oily face mostly indicated to factors of acne. Almost women which has much oil production on their face also has problem with acne.

Therefore, you should avoid solid powder, because it will make your face get much acne. In fact, mostly women prefer solid powder than powder because it is simpler to bring and wear. Whereas solid powder will add bad effect for you, it is better for you to choose powder as perfect makeup for oily skin.

Makeup for Oily Skin

Second, you should pay attention on how to clean your face. If you often forget to clean your face, over oil production on your face needs to be cleaned routinely. Maybe there is big question appears in your mind “why’?

Actually you have to know that particle of dust which comes from outside patch on your face when you go to somewhere; automatically it will make your make-up damaged. So, you need extra care in cleaning your face daily. Then before you apply cosmetic, make sure you have already clean it with fresh water. If you want to reduce oil production, try to use ice cube when you clean your face.

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Third, choose the right cosmetic for you. Primary cosmetic such as foundation and powder are things that should be considered. Don’t forget to apply them, because it is main thing that will close your imperfection, but don’t use liquid foundation as it will make your face more shine. Choose the proper foundation and powder that suitable for your skin type.

Then, if you think about eyes area, please don’t forget to apply eyes primer too. Because when you apply eyeliner and eyes shadow, it will be long lasting and flawless. For additional makeup, don’t forget to apply fresh lipstick color on your lips.

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