The Stylish Vintage Dresses Model

Vintage dress is unique dress which has old characteristic and it leads you to classical performance. The model of this dress inspired in 1920 style but vintage dresses had already designed with modern style. Some designers renew the model of old fashion, so at this era vintage dresses come with modern touch but it still has old characteristic.

Nowadays there are several dresses which has cute characteristic and make the person who wear it look pretty and cute. Actually the most motive used by the designer is flowers as it represents the fashion trend of 1920. Commonly vintage dresses inspired by 1920 fashion style.

Sleeveless Vintage Dress

Sleeveless is one of characteristic of vintage dresses. Mostly women wear this dress in modern style. Sometimes sleeveless vintage dresses combined with belt in order to make it looks like cute. Any kinds of belt model wear by women such as belt that has ribbon, leather belt, and others belt model.

Next, there are lots of motives in sleeveless vintage dress. Starting soft motive, square motive, polka dots motive, stripe motive and flowers motive. Those motives are common used by the designer in designing vintage dresses. Soft motive is modern style entirely but it support with old model of your dress. While square motive is one of modern motive too which also combined with old style of the dress, polka dots and stripe motive are modern motive too. Well, from those motives represent vintage style through the model of dress.

Colors of Vintage Dress

After you know what kind of motive of vintage dresses, the next point is color. In the past, common color of vintage dresses are red. Red represents old fashion of 1920 but as following year color of this dress changed as modern era. Now you can find any color of your dress. Explore any cute dresses which have vintage style in any shop also could be found by you. You can find any colors that you like.

In addition, if you want to create your cute vintage dresses, you can design it by yourself or explore any models on Internets. Don’t forget to decide color and motive that will be in your clothes. Add any model of belt also support your cute appearance entirely.


5 responses to “The Stylish Vintage Dresses Model”

  1. Lillian Kuik says:

    Love the red dress no.8 photo from the top, how can I purchase? Pm pls.

  2. Lillian says:

    Love the red dress – no 8 from top
    Pm pls

  3. Kaitlin says:

    Is there a pattern or something for no 8? It’s really pretty

  4. Jade Beshears says:

    Love the very first dress, and the 5th one from the bottom! How do I buy?

  5. Jade says:

    Love the red dress, number 8. How can I buy it?

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